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Many Americans have bought cars during January

Automakers Ford, Chrysler and General Motors (GM) have all reported outbreaks in two digits for the month of January, showing that the favorable conditions of 2012 continued this year in the United States.

At Ford, sales increased by 22 percent compared to the same period last year, while GM and Ford have both reported increases of 16 percent. Chrysler had its best sales in five years during the month of January.

The European dimension, Volskwagen state has a sales increase of 7 percent, a figure quite disappointing considering the increase of 31 per cent registered by the German manufacturer in 2012.

Toyota sales have climbed 27 percent.

So it seems that many Americans have bought the vehicle last month. The automotive industry remains active, despite a rather slow economic recovery in the United States.

Chrysler expects that total sales in the U.S. reached an annual rate of 15.5 million in January. If this trend continues over the years, automakers have sold 1 million vehicles in more than last year, when sales rose 13 percent.

Analysts predict that sales will reach 15 to 15.5 million in 2013. Still below the peak of 17 million records in 2005, the industry could sell at least 5 million cars and trucks extra compared to 2009, the worst years of the last three decades in car sales.

At Ford, the increase in sales is due in part to the Fusion model, whose sales increased by 65 percent.

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