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Infiniti Canada launches its personalized service 24 hours on 24, with a duration of 4 years

The "Infiniti Personal Assistant" provides a personalized service 24 hours 24 under the overall Experience InfinitiMD

- The unlimited free access to a four-year assistants available directly "to anything, anywhere, anytime" is now available with every Infiniti model 2013 -

Infiniti Canada today announced the national launch of Infiniti Personal Assistant, a new service that provides free characteristic to new vehicle owners a luxury Infiniti access round the clock, and unlimited live has a team of professional assistants. This service is available primarily through a cell phone, as it is used in the interior of the vehicle, mode synchronizes with the telephone system has Bluetooth hands-free voice control, or outside of the vehicle, allowing the driver ask questions or request assistance for a variety of reasons, including the following non-exhaustive list:

• directory assistance and Driving Directions

• city guides

• Weather Forecasts

• Tips for planning an activity

• location of the latest gadget or fashionable products hard to find

• suggestions for restaurants and reservation service

• cinemas schedules and movie reviews

• arranging travel

• assistance in an emergency

• reminders of appointments

• Stock market

• Sports and statistical results, answers to questions of general knowledge

• advice on consumer products and price comparisons

• Almost all the questions that come to mind!

Infiniti is the first luxury brand vehicles to offer this type of service in Canada. Buyers Infiniti vehicles are automatically enrolled in the service even before taking possession of their new model Infiniti G, M, EX, FX, JX and QX, and they can start using it immediately. Accessible through the cell of the owner, assistance is also provided via email, text messaging and online portals in English and French.

"The new Infiniti Personal Assistant is a great addition to the overall Experience InfinitiMD and can provide personalized assistance service" for everything, everywhere, all the time, "and with a personal touch, as drivers s' addressed to real people and not to any computer data base, said Wendy Durward, Director, Infiniti Canada. Actually, there is no limit what Infiniti Personal Assistant can do for you, which adds the pleasure of driving and owning a vehicle Infiniti. "

The Infiniti Personal Assistant is free for the first four years of owning an Infiniti vehicle. In addition, complementary accounts of four years (providing access from an additional phone number) are also available at a minimal cost, as well as accounts of four years or one year for used vehicles certified . The owners of Infiniti models equipped Infiniti connection can connect a personal assistant Infiniti directly by the intermediary of the vehicle or using a mobile device.

"Whether you are looking for a venue or a caterer for a soiree, the latest sports scores, the latest gadgets to fashion or a little-known delicacy, the Infiniti Personal Assistant can help you. You'll wonder how you ever worked without it for you! Said Wendy Durward. We challenge our customers to operate at its maximum the seemingly infinite potential of the Infiniti Personal Assistant in mind that no request is too complex or far-fetched. "

The Infiniti Personal Assistant, including the deployment began earlier this month in Canada, is now available across the country, in English and French. To date, the main applications have concerns directory assistance, restaurant suggestions for dinner and directions.

The overall experience InfinitiMD begins with our commitment to provide a personalized service and to demonstrate professionalism from A to Z. This is to meet the individual needs and offer comprehensive programs such as roadside assistance, courtesy of the vehicles and trip interruption services, so that each personal experience is easier, simpler and more pleasant.

You can find more information about Infiniti Personal Assistant

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