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CITROEN has received an award for the design of world sales of the DS line

Wednesday night took place in Paris the 26th edition of the Grand Design Award organized by the magazine STRATEGIES. The purpose of the annual ceremony is to reward the best achievements in design, both in the field of visual identity that packaging, through commercial architecture. It is precisely in this last category that the jury awarded a prize to CITROEN design for retail spaces of the DS line.

Indeed, to accompany the rise in range of the brand, blown by the DS line, CITROEN deploys world sales for specific models in its distinctive line. To date, there are three types of display formats:

- DS ZONE (25 to 75 m?): A dedicated space DS line in the same showroom point of sale CITROEN. Deploye since 2010, the DS ZONE Team already the majority of dealers.

- SALON DS (minimum 125 m?): A full part of the strongly identified showroom (architecture, floors, walls, ceiling, logo, sales office, customer and Lifestyle boutique hotel lobby). ROOMS of DS have already already deployed in the Netherlands, Spain and Tunisia. In France, the first ROOMS DS were inaugurated in Castres, a Dole and Montbeliard, while twenty sites are being built in other cities.

- DS STORE (250 m or more?): A dedicated point of sale to the DS line. This is Hong Kong, Nanjing, Chengdu and Tel Aviv, it has opened the first DS Store.

Finally, to go further, there is a fourth type of format whose exposure is the deployment project:

- DS WORLD: a retail space of type 'flagship' door Brand and dedicated to the DS line, ideally locates in the largest capitals. A unique experience for the customer who enters a premium ambience has the ultimate finish.

Source: Citroen

CITROEN has received an award for the design of world sales of the DS line picture #1

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