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Citroen concept cars and has the honor to C_42

At C_42, daring CITROEN is put honor. The flaming C-Metisse to sassy Revolte and Survolt through sport GTbyCitroen these concept cars

testify to the deep CITROEN Evolution of style and capacity for innovation of the brand. Innovation resulting in engine Full Electric and Full Hybrid.

And as the dream to reality there is only one step, the CITROEN DS5 shown that the CITROEN vehicles today have indeed put their essence of these concept cars. Indeed, it has benefited from a source of magic and bold inspiration, the concept car C-SportLounge.

This concept car, like all those who made the actuality of the brand since the first in 1980, are present in the form of a retrospective photo on the top floor of C_42.

GTbyCitroen: from virtual to real

Thanks to this show car presented at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, Citroen was the first automaker to transcend the boundary of the virtual world by proposing a concept car born of the digital world and the partnership between the brand and Polyphony, creator of the simulation game Gran Turismo 5 driving.

"New Future" is the name of the new season C_42, international showcase of the brand on the Champs-Elysees. After a trip back in time with the presidential CITROEN, Brand makes a jump into the future by exposing its most iconic concept cars. The audacity, creativity and technology CITROEN more than ever has the honor.

The occasion also found that the concept to reality there is only one step.

SURVOLT: glamor, and boosted trangressive

Presented to the Geneva Salon 2010 SURVOLT overturns preconceptions combining glamor and extravagance of haute couture to the dynamism of the automotive competition. It adds a touch of impertinence by adopting a string of electric traction. The exposed version declination 'Artcar' signed by the painter Francoise Nielly artist.

REVOLT: luxurious, sassy and ecological

2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, the concept car presented CITROEN REVOLT, small ultra-chic urban. Compact city, REVOLT is a cheeky wink at one of its most illustrious grandmothers 2CV. Bold and technology, it offers a string of rechargeable hybrid drivetrain.

HYPNOS: creativity and technology

At the 2008 Paris, CITROEN lifted the veil on the Hypnos concept car, a vehicle term inedite exception. Under the guise of a cross-over particularly race, Hypnos combines creatives technologies with performance as remarkable as environmentally friendly while providing passengers with subtle emotions and strong at the same time.

C-METISSE: the combination of passion and reason

In 2006 Paris, Citroen C-Metisse unveiled. With this conceptcar of passion and reason, the brand new DEDICATED channel drew a pure driving pleasure by offering a cutting character acquires a high level of quality of life on board and offering performance was both remarkable and friendly the environment thanks to its hybrid-diesel engine.


C_42, the international showcase of the brand, is one of the most prestigious avenues in the world, the Champs-Elysees in Paris. Open since 2007 in its current form, the C_42 is a place of exchanges and meetings between the brand and the general public. Over the seasons, the visitor discovers the actuality CITROEN through thematic exhibitions featuring cars and technologies of the brand. C_42 receives on average each year 1.5 million visitors.

Source: Citroen

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