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Chrysler Foundation has donated CHUQ 3D laser scanners two for the project mammary prosthesis CHU Quebec

Foundation CHUQ and now Chrysler Group LLC have encountered on July 17 in L'Hotel-Dieu de Quebec in the company of artisans project mammary prosthesis personnalisee to mark the donation of two 3D scanners. After having served to make auto parts, scanners and begin a second life to help women who have undergone full or partial removal of the breast who wish to use a external prosthesis to replace the lost breast. Creaform is designer of this technology, which makes the link between the client, Chrysler Group LLC and the CHUQ Foundation to make this donation possible.

The Dream Team of epithesie

For Louise Desmeules epithesiste CHU Quebec, and Dr. Gaston Bernier, epithesiste and Dental Oncology, this is a great day. Team working since 2010 to the development of a service external prostheses within a service in addition to facial prostheses. "For many women, breast reconstruction is not feasible for various personal and medical reasons. Standard commercial prostheses are not always adapted to the needs of the patient. On their side, women who underwent partial removal need a Personalized prosthesis that will well up and go perfectly to their chest, "says Louise Desmeules, herself a survivor of breast cancer.

Another step begins

Thanks to the gift of Chrysler Group LLC, it will now be possible to begin Phase 2 of the project. After training and prototyping, the team can begin to manufacture prostheses on an experimental basis. "Chrysler is proud to support the important work of the University Hospital of Quebec to help meet the needs of survivors of breast cancer," recounts Jody Trapasso, President of the Chrysler Foundation. "With so many women affected by this disease each year, Chrysler is committed to help improve people's lives. "This donation represents a saving of $ 25,000 for the project.

Creaform, precious matchmaker

It is the business of the south shore of Quebec that produces the scanner is behind this important contribution. In fact, Creaform has made the connection between his client, Chrysler Group LLC, and the University Hospital of Quebec. The company has ensured that the equipment or weapons in the needs of the hospital and the team epithesie has a license and maintenance to be able to operate the scanner under optimal conditions. In addition, the company Geomagic, developer of software to perform the manipulation of data to produce molds, offered free technology and license.

About the Chrysler Foundation

Since 59 years, the Chrysler Foundation has established a proud tradition of help meet the physical, educational and cultural needs of local communities in which Chrysler Group LLC conducts business. The Chrysler employees engaged also to commit themselves fully to help improve their communities by volunteering their time and sharing their talents where they live and work. The Chrysler Foundation embodies the values ​​of the company and its employees and, since its beginnings, it has granted over $ 500 million in charitable grants.

About Creaform

Creaform is a world-class company founded in 2002. We develop, manufacture and distribute portable 3D measurement technologies and we have considerable expertise in 3D engineering services. Our wide range of products and services are used worldwide by more than 2,500 clients from various industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, consumer products, research and education, control non-destructive (NDT), heavy industry and energy production.

The head office is situated in Levis, Quebec (Canada) and we have offices in France, Germany, China, Japan and India. We employ more than 300 people worldwide, and our distribution network of over 150 distributors around the world.

About Geomagic

Geomagic is a leading provider of 3D software for creating digital models of physical objects. Professionals involved in the design, reverse engineering and inspection of parts and products use Geomagic Studio, Geomagic Qualify and Geomagic Wrap to accelerate the placing on the market and improve quality. Geomagic software is also used in the dental and medical sectors to create customized restorations, appliances, prosthetics and treatment programs to improve patient care.

Chrysler Foundation has donated CHUQ 3D laser scanners two for the project mammary prosthesis CHU Quebec picture #1

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