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5.1 million Jeep under investigation

For two years now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Americaine (NHTSA) investigation into models of Jeep Grand Cherokee that could catch fire if a vehicle was rammed by the the back.

The petrol tank is made of plastic and was placed between the rear axle and the bumper.

Today, the key survey 5.1 million Jeep vehicles, since there was jousting two other models.

The affected models are:

Jeep Grand Cherokee model years 1993 to 2004;

Jeep Cherokee for years 1993 to 2001;

Jeep Liberty 2002 year of 2007.

So far, we see that the Jeep concerned have caused the death of 15 people, in addition to having nearly fifty wounded.

These vehicles are not yet subjects of reminders, but there's a good chance they will have to face such an eventuality in the near future.

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