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Toyota Yaris 2013: from the French Valenciennes plant

Toyota Motor Manufacturing France (TMMF) announced that as of May 2013, the plant will begin production of its popular compact car Toyota Yaris for export to the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. It is expected that the annual export volume will be about 25,000 units.

"We are very proud to have been chosen as the main supplier of the Yaris for North American markets," says Makoto Sano, president of TMMF. "This is not only a confirmation of the quality of the cars built by the members of our team here at TMMF, but it is also a significant new business opportunity for our factory and further strengthens position in TMMF As a major exporter of France. "

Manufacturing Yaris for customers across North America will represent an additional investment of U.S. $ 8 million in TMMF. This investment is necessary to allow the construction of the car in accordance to the particular demands of this new work, including the installation of a petrol engine of 1.5 liter designed specifically for North America, an automatic transmission, differences at the rear bumper, as well as other items related to specific local regulations. Only petrol versions of the Yaris will be exported to North America.

Commenting on the news, the chairman and chief executive of Toyota Motor Europe, Didier Leroy, said: "The export of our global models produced in Europe testifies to our commitment to the European manufacturing in accordance with our global vision has enabled us to become a leader in the development of compact cars and intermediates. "He added:" With ten in experience and accumulated knowledge, in addition to the manufacture of fully hybrid version of the Toyota Yaris, the export of petrol Yaris in North America further strengthens the role of TMMF as a global member organization within the Toyota. "

The current generation of the Toyota Yaris was launched in Europe during summer 2011, followed by the Toyota Yaris Hybrid in June 2012. Sales of the Yaris in Europe between January and May this year have increased by 22% to the same period last year.

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