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Smart driving economy = $ 100 per month at the pump

OnStar U.S. The data show that Kilometers identical cars can vary from 75 per cent depending on driver

This weekend marks the official start of the season, long weekends, Chevrolet reminds consumers that there are easy ways to maintain their vehicle and drive smarter way to reduce fuel consumption and save the money at the pump.

To demonstrate 10 common mistakes of conduct in matters of fuel economy, the engineers at General Motors fuel consumption and Beth Ann Wenzlick Nünning led the Cruze LT identical Chevrolet certified by Natural Resources Canada 7.8 L/100 in city ​​and 5.2 L/100km on the road, on a regular schedule. For the tourist, they led both cars for 20 minutes in the city and on the road, with a cafe stop.

The results show that by careful drivers can save up to $ 100 per month in fuel costs. Wenzlick, which led to a well maintained effective way Cruze, has consumes an average of 6.4 L/100 km (37 mi per U.S. gallon). As a Nünning leading despite common sense and ignoring routine maintenance, it consumes an average of 11.2 L/100 km (21 mi per U.S. gallon). A difference of 400 km less per tank of fuel Nünning while Wenzlick saved $ 100 per month - or $ 1,200 per year - 20 000 km was $ 1.29 per liter of fuel

Ann Wenzlick 6.4 L/100km 920 km per tank $ 1,651 per year

Beth Nünning 11.2 L/100km 525 km per tank $ 2,890 per year

43 percent savings per tank 395 km $ 1,239 per year

"The results of Beth Ann and show the data from OnStar that shows the fuel consumption of two identical cars can vary by 75 percent, stated Roger Clark, director of GM energetics center. With a well maintained car, the best drivers can get up to 25 percent more kilometers than average. When you combine a poorly maintained car driving is inefficient, the fuel consumption of the worst drivers can be 50 percent lower than the average.

The fuel economy of each vehicle depends closely on driving habits and vehicle maintenance mode continues Clark. Often of small changes in driving habits and vehicle maintenance can make the difference between the top and bottom of the scale of fuel economy. "

Five driving tips to save at the pump

Here are five steps taken by Ann Wenzlick to drive more efficiently its Cruze:

Get out of the way waiting.

"While Beth waited in line with the engine turned, I put out mine and I take my entree coffee in the morning. "An idle 15 minutes burns an average of one liter of fuel - adding more than $ 1 to the price of your latte.


"In town, I gradually accelerated while Beth execute one of the most common errors currently on the road: crush the accelerator each semaphore to crush the brakes and slow down a little further because of the traffic. "According to Natural Resources Canada, accelerations and abrupt stops double aggressive driving increase fuel consumption up to 39 percent.


"On the road, I drove a 110 km / h (70 mi / h) while Beth did a 130 km / h (80 mi / h). "Natural Resources Canada suggests that reducing your speed from 120 km / h 100 km / h consumes about 20 percent less fuel.

Use electronic speed regulator

"I tried to maintain a constant speed during our test, while Beth oscillates with traffic. Try using cruise control when possible and maintain a long constant speed, it is more effective to accelerate and slow down repeatedly. "

Replace the ice

"One of the questions we get asked most often is" Is it better to drive with the lit air conditioning or extinguished? ". At low speed, turn off the air conditioning can save some fuel, but I still back the ice on the road. Beth was driving with his lowered ice; increased air pressure acted as a parachute trying to slow down - consuming much more energy than air conditioning would never have done. "

Five errors that affect vehicle consumption

Here are five elements that have contributed to the high fuel consumption Nünning:

Low tire pressure

"All four tires of my car were five pounds less than the recommended pressure. It is not enough to change the behavior of the Cruze, but the engine just over to the wheels. "According to Natural Resources Canada, the tires under-inflated by 56 kPa (8 lb/po2) only can increase fuel consumption by 4 percent.

Using ornaments on the roof

"To show that I support the Detroit Tigers, I put flags on my Cruze window each party home. But when the team hits the road, the flags disappear. At highway speeds, up to a third of your fuel is used to fight against the wind resistance, so even small changes to the aerodynamics of the vehicle affect your fuel consumption. "

Carry loads more in the trunk

"I had six bags in the trunk water softener that I had purchased on sale at the hardware store. I made economies checkout hardware, but with 100 kg more load my fuel consumption has suffered. "

Disregard the witness 'check engine'

"I called OnStar to run a remote diagnostic on my Cruze, because the witness verification engine was on. This was apparently the wrong cap tank farm. But there may be more serious engine problems that can cut your fuel savings of 40 percent or less. "

Do not group races

"An engine running at its operating temperature is 50 percent more efficient than a cold engine. Wherever possible, it is preferable to five races in the afternoon after one every day of the week.

Regular maintenance of the vehicle which may in the long run save you money advice

Make your tires last

Tires properly inflated will improve your energy efficiency and last longer. Rotate tires at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

Use quality engine oil recommended

Engine oil that displays "Energy Conserving" on the performance symbol of the American Petroleum Institute contains additives reduction of friction that can improve the efficiency energetics.

Check your owner's guide the most effective for your car octane.

For the majority of cars, fuel recommends a regular octane index. In most cases, using an index of more pupil octane recommended that no advantage and is more pricey.

Batteries can serve you or serve you

Check the lifetime of the battery, replace or charge your current battery and make sure the cables are not corroded. Many failures occur because the batteries do not have sufficient energy to boot.

Made regularly adjust your engine and observe the maintenance intervals

The settings improve performance and to Energy Efficiency. Check your owner's guide for the recommended service intervals and watch them. You avoid problems of fuel consumption due to worn spark plugs, brakes grazing, a low transmission fluid or a gearbox that can not go to Houses reports.

Do not be fooled by "tricks" that promise to improve your mileage. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has tested devices censes save fuel - including "mixture enhancers" and fuel line magnets - and found that few of them had a positive effect on fuel consumption. The positive features offered only a slight improvement of Kilometers. Moreover, some products could damage the motor and produce a significant increase in emissions of exhaust. You will find a complete list of products tested on / otaq / consumer / reports.htm.

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