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Simple tips to squeeze more kilometers from your tank

With the permanent increase in the price of gasoline, currently record prices, you certainly will not be against some tips senses to extract more kilometers from every liter.

"The Chevrolet vehicles incorporate effective economy of fuel you can optimize by following some simple tips technologies, declare Geof Bailey, director of the Canadian engineering a Chevrolet Canada. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover how small changes in behavior will help you reduce your fuel consumption. "

Ten tips to save fuel:

Inflates a block: under-inflated tires can increase fuel consumption of a vehicle by four percent at most. Properly inflated tires last longer and improve efficiency energetics. It is of prime importance to check the tire pressure once a month, preferably when they are cold.

Reduce your speed: You will use 20 percent less fuel if you drive 100 km / h instead of 120 km / h.

Plan your trip: You will have your football training? You need to shop? Try to make a single displacement by combining stains. Short trips (less than 5 km) burn more fuel; Indeed, your vehicle can not reach its optimal operating temperature and you look more kilometers on different paths, thereby increasing fuel costs and wear on the car.

Cruise control: The use of cruise control when conditions allow will help you maximize your fuel efficiency and not to exceed the speed limit.

Relax: The untimely accelerations, sudden stops and aggressive driving increases fuel consumption by 39 percent at most.

Avoid idling: Do not leave your vehicle running unnecessarily slow. If you have to stop for more than 60 seconds, turn off the engine when parked.

Driving without a jerk in traffic: The smooth and regular displacements are more efficient in terms of fuel consumption as frequent starts and stops. You can save a lot of fuel in providing for the vagaries of traffic, keeping a constant speed and letting you go down to stop.

Reduce the load: Accessories such as galleries and ski rack on the roof, or other heavy equipment in the trunk affect the aerodynamics of your vehicle and add weight. Reduce the load by taking only what you need.

Limit the use of accessories: The electrical accessories such as air conditioning, consume more fuel, so use them with caution. Cool a parked car in the sun lowering the windows before starting the air conditioner. On the motorway, close the windows for better efficiency energetics, but in the city, close the air conditioning and open the windows and air vents to cool the cabin.

Towing and rigorous services: closed trailers with rounded corners are the most effective in terms of fuel consumption towed platforms. You can also reduce the consumption taking care to conceal the front of the trailer by the towing vehicle.

"With OnStar, Chevrolet makes your life easier by sending daily updates on the status of your car, such as tire pressure, oil level, as well as many other information you can receive on your phone or monthly reports in your email and you will reduce your fuel consumption, says Bailey. "

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