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Renault welcomes its 1 000th teleworker

Since 2007, Renault is committed to providing a lever balance between private life & professional life by offering its employees an organization has in telework at home, on a voluntary basis.

A device that increases every year in the company, since the symbolic number 1000 salaries in France has just been reached, which represents 4% of the eligible population.

On 29 February 2012, the Government brought telework at home in the Labour Code with Warsmann law. Undeniable proof that this new form of work organization is now an integral part of the business world. Renault is looking at the issue of 2007 by signing an agreement on telework with its social partners, making her one of the pioneers of the sector of activity.

Five years after, the number of teleworkers in 1000 is reached at Renault. Several key elements to be noted:

Today, a diffusion of telework in 258 functions and crafts

Telework concerned, a parity equivalent, men (52%) and women (48%)

Same thing with regard to managers (46%) and employees / technicians (54%)

The average age of passage telework at home is 42.5 years

38% of teleworkers have chosen to work from home one day each week, 45% (2 days), 13.5% (3 days) and 3.5% (4 days)

"The telework opens has an environmental dimension represents non-negligible since our 1000 salaries for an economy displacements home / work of almost 5 million km per year," says Eric Coute responsible corporate telework at Renault. "Beyond the reduction of CO2 emitted and deepening of modern means of work (such as dematerialization of paper, the use of collaborative tools ...), this type of organization reduces the risks associated with commuting ".

Renault has developed and implemented support tools to assist and advise employees in their telework project, the idea until the concretisation (average 2 months). This "preparatory guide" offers, among other things, measure the feasibility and intention to become teleworkers, depending on the type of job, its development opportunities at home, his family and work constraints and includes a ... e-learning module for acquiring the necessary collaborative tools Renault computer skills. This guide also provides an exchange basis with the direct manager validator of the approach.

External experts estimate that telecommuting 15% the productivity of employees. "Our internal surveys emphasize that this mode of work organization, based in particular on reciprocal trust, contributes to motivation and allows employees to improve their quality of life while earning individual and collective efficiency" concludes Eric Coute.

Source: Renault

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