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2013 Lincoln MKZ: The future of the brand is coming

With its arrival in dealerships later this year, the all-new Lincoln MKZ, presented to the International Auto Show in New York, adds another milestone in the evolution of the Lincoln brand continues.

"The Lincoln MKZ series shows that we really want to reinvent Lincoln, stated Jim Farley, general vice president of Ford Motor Company, sales and service-after-sales service. In terms of style and substance, it embodies the future of Lincoln. It gives a new idea of ​​what to think of Lincoln. "

The 2013 Lincoln MKZ comes in the luxury segment with intermediate:

A body and a completely new interior, created by the design studio Lincoln

Retractable glass pavilions with openings among the largest in the world

The selection of the reports button

Conduct smooth and assured handling permitted by the control driving Lincoln series with the adjustable damping suspension driver

The active noise control, the real wood trim, instruments entirely to ACL, the heated seats front and SYNC ® with MyLincoln Touch ™, all serial

Three powerful and efficient powertrains

EcoBoost ® 2-liter turbocharged 240 horsepower *; serial

Ti-VCT V6 3.7-liter 300 horsepower *; optional

Electric hybrid model / petrol 2-liter 188 hp? must allow the MKZ has to remain the top of the most fuel-efficient luxury sedan in North America

The inflatable rear seat belts optional which round off eight airbags series


"The 2013 Lincoln MKZ shares no significant element with other vehicles, precise Jim Farley. Neither wings nor ice, nor that important elements of interior trim. Lincoln Studio has created a design totally Lincoln, Lincoln only. "

Virtually identical to the MKZ Concept presented at Auto Show in Detroit in January, the Lincoln MKZ 2013 series integrates the design characteristics of modern Lincoln.

"From the point of view of design, the evolution of our brand is done with a subtlety that we call elegant simplicity, says Max Wolff, director of Lincoln design. We wanted a new attractive and engaging MKZ. We moved away from traditional luxury touches and intricate designs. We arrived in a vehicle that makes a clearance opulent warmth while still being intentionally contained. "


The long line of majestic lodge overlooks the profile of the sedan. The windshield and the very tips of elongated roof line give a smoother look with improved aerodynamics ten percent compared to previous model. "The shape of the MKZ offers an inspired vision of a few lines only," says Max Wolff. Click here to view the gallery.

It is resolutely modern, the design retains the characteristic elements of Lincoln, with a more refined interpretation of the grille divided appeared for the first time in the Lincoln-Zephyr 1938. Click here to view the image.

Om exterior mirrors on carrier can extend the ice door further forward to improve the visibility and provide more light inside.

A grille headlights add a bright and highly efficient LEDs. Headlights rotate synchronously with the steering wheel in order to improve the visibility. The LED technology has a particularly slim style taillights on the entire width.


The design teams have created an attractive body that prompts the driver to take place in a light and welcoming environment consists of elements of bold architecture, luxurious natural materials, with many refined details. Click here to view the gallery.

"The graphics front body is found in the fluid line of the new dashboard that helps reunite a harmoniously inside and outside. These flowing forms, with open center console, create a functional and comfortable interior makes for particularly seduce a younger and more diverse clientele of drivers we intend to attract Lincoln, "said Max Wolff.

Innovations are numerous. A contemporary five-button interface replaces the selector lever box classic mechanical speeds. Individual buttons control parking positions, dead, walking back and forward speeds in two modes: normal driving and sport.

Thanks to changes in report button, designers have create a multilevel sculptural center console with more functional storage.

Place in front of the driver, the screen color LCD 10.1 inch works with the very latest version of SYNC with MyLincoln Touch; it is also the case of the LCD touch screen central 8-inch almost flush. The new dashboard combines crowns indicator framing a TFT LCD display is bright and reconfigurable. The MKZ Hybrid has a dashboard with speed indicator central frames by two reconfigurable LCD displays 4.2 inches.

Leather very soft premium covers all bases of siege. The surfaces of your metal and wood harvest ecologically CREATE a luxurious and comfortable interior volume.

Among the standard amenities, there audiovisual equipment 11 speakers and cabin air filter as well as heated front seats (with power 10-way driver), remote start and active noise control (ANC).

Integral element of control driving Lincoln, the active noise IMPROVED is a first in the North American industry. To make the MKZ particularly silent, the ANC target electronically the frequencies and reduces their intensity. To further refine the driving experience, other frequencies are amplified with precision.

The new MKZ is the only sedan in its class to offer inflatable safety belts in the lateral spaces of the second row. The passenger rear seats, which are often children or persons of mature age, may be more vulnerable to head injuries, a chest and neck. The inflatable seat belts in the second row of seats lateral distribute impact forces over five times greater than conventional seat belts area, relieving pressure on the chest while helping to control the displacement of the head and neck and helping to limit the risk of injury. For more details on this safety feature, click here.

Retractable sunroof

The retractable sunroof is another distinctive feature of Lincoln. Glass door of 15.2 square feet offers one of the largest among all sedans openings. The design preserves the soundness of a structure of a vehicle roof steel. Click here to view a video of this characteristic.

SYNC with MyLincoln Touch

SYNC with MyLincoln Touch is series. The system combines ease of use of audiovisual characteristics, climate and navigation option and the devices installed in the car (phone, digital assistants, MP3 players, etc..). On the steering wheel, the two orders has five functions gerent essential systems and can provide SYNC voice control of many functions.

SYNC services serie allow to have the detailed instructions by means of a push-button and simple voice commands. A voice command software constantly improves, become familiar with the voices of users to improve the effectiveness of voice commands.

Aids driving camera and radar

Lincoln MKZ new offers tracking system track, FCT series of driving aids that allow the driver to avoid to depart from his way if he is distracted or tired. With the assistance of path tracking function, the alarm deviation of trajectory and driver assistance, the tracking system track includes an integrated camera monovision in the mirror to detect signs of the floor. For a more complete description of the tracking system track, click here.

Aid has ultrasonic pipe (radar-like) optionally further add to the convenience and security on the road. The adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support both use a 77 GHz radar long range (nearly 500 feet) which sweeps through an angle of 10 degrees in front of the vehicle.

Active parking, information system BLIS and Cross Traffic Alert feature multiple 24 GHz radar sensors has wide angle and short reach. Each function provides a particular advantage to park more easily online or get more safely a parking space.

Technologies driving dynamics

The new MKZ is the only sedan in its class with the system dynamic driving Lincoln and IMPROVED adjustable suspension damping pilot series.

With the gearbox to the forward position, control driving Lincoln automatically ensures an ideal balance between a behavior and a smooth ride and are assured in an intuitive way reacting to driver management and conditions road.

The suspension contributes to the driver damping transparent reaction of Lincoln driving control by controlling the suspension up to 500 times per second. The system in real time rule the suspension as much as 50 times per second to ensure a more stable road holding, with a smoother ride. The suspension damping pilot a very perfect full frame which includes a front suspension struts and a new integrated rear suspension arm.

When the driver selects Sport mode, the control of Lincoln conduct intentionally alters the handling of the MKZ. The sport mode automatically changes the behavior, firmness of handling, the acceleration, the calibrations ratio gearbox, the reactions of the steering, traction control parameters / Stability Control and characteristics of the active noise control.

The driver can better customize the criteria of the driver suspension damping (comfort, normal mode or sport) through MyLincoln Touch.

Engines, gearboxes and transmission systems:

I-4 2-liter FWD / AWD 231 hp with regular gasoline, 240 hp with premium fuel, 270 lb-ft of torque, TA: 22 mi / gal in the city and 33 mi / gal on the road.

3.7-liter V6, TA/TI300 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque, TI: 18 mi / gal in the city and 26 mi / gal on the road,

I-4 2 liters / electric hybrid engine, TA 188 hp (gasoline engines and electric combined), 141 hp (petrol engine only) and 129 lb.-ft. (petrol engine).

The petrol engines of 3.7 liters and 2 are equipped with an automatic six speed transmission; Hybrid 2-liter engine is equipped with a continuously variable transmission. Power, torque and fuel consumption of expected, but not certified.

The 2013 Lincoln MKZ is available with a choice of three powertrains. The EcoBoost four-cylinder 2-liter series offers the performance of a conventional V6 with the fuel efficiency of the best segment with at least 3 mi / gal more than the nearest competitor. The engine provides an improvement of 20% of planned highway fuel efficiency compared to the 2012 MKZ.

Axis performance and yield, the 3.7-liter V6 option is significantly more powerful (37 hp and 28 lb-ft more torque) than the previous MKZ V6 while improving fuel efficiency of about five percent.

While maximizing fuel efficiency, hybrid powertrain four-cylinder 2-liter delivers generous power and impressive fuel efficiency which will enable a MKZ Hybrid 2013 remain the top of the most fuel-efficient range North American sedan. The 2012 MKZ Hybrid provides 41 mi / gal in the city and 36 mi / gal on the road.

Non-hybrid models are equipped with an automatic six speed transmission. Pallets shifting serial, behind the steering wheel, round off the experience of high performance driving MKZ.

By improving the adhesion on slippery roads, the AWD option provides for and adapts the distribution of power to the front and rear axles in milliseconds barely 16. If the control is driving Lincoln in sport mode, a greater proportion of the power is transmitted to the rear wheels to further enhance sportswear holding the MKZ

The Lincoln team

During the past 18 months, Lincoln has a specialized team that includes designers, engineers, specialists in quality and manufacturing as well as marketing and sales together. The team is also full of specialists of luxury brands, some outside the automotive sector.

Most members of the new team have started working this year in the new Lincoln design studio in Dearborn (Michigan). Edited by Max Wolff, construction of studio 40,000 square feet began in early 2011. Ultimately, this studio will receive more than 180 modelistes, engineers, stylists and designers in a place that encourages creativity and collaboration.

"Lincoln owns his own studio for the first time since the 1970s, said Max Wolff. This is essential to the continued development of the brand; MKZ serial signals the beginning of a bright future. "

"Lincoln is a big part in the success of our company, stated Mark Fields, president of Ford Motor Company for the Americas. The luxury sector of the industry is important. In any given year in the United States, the luxury sector represents 11 to 13% of total sales; we need to attract customers walking luxury vehicles with new Quality. This is a big reason that we shoot to invest at this point in Lincoln. "

Source: Ford

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