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Lincoln will receive $ 1 billion Ford

Although the financial situation of the American manufacturer is doing very well, it can not be said of his division cars and luxury vehicles, Lincoln, whose sales do not always manage to take off, quite the contrary.

Sales continue to decline in recent years and has stagnated under 80,000 units sold annually.

Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles manufacture the German luxury most taken by the North American clientele. The Lexus division of Toyota is also very popular on the continent while the Cadillac make new friends has every year.

Problem cloning

Currently, most models offered by the Lincoln division of Ford clones are products that have received within a particular attention, especially in terms of materials used in their finishing and presentation.

By way of example:

Lincoln MKS clone of the Ford Taurus

Lincoln MKX Ford Edge clone

Lincoln MKZ clone of the Ford Fusion

Lincoln Navigator Ford Expedition clone

Lincoln MKT: The "hearse" which remains in the current

A total renewal

With this new investment, Ford intends to renew or add new models in its Lincoln brand over the next year.

By 2014, seven new models that will be offered, including a compact Lincoln luxury.

This time, it's make or break for the Lincoln brand, which is under the yoke of Ford since 1922.

Lincoln will receive $ 1 billion Ford picture #1

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