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Citroen innovates and offers new ways of motoring!

On the occasion of the Week of Sustainable Development which was held until April 7, Citroen confirms its ambition to be a key player in the displacements of everyone. CITROEN MULTICITY the portal mobility of the brand, will be enriched by new offers to share his car. With carpool services and car sharing online, CITROEN and offer another way to get around and spend less while reducing its environmental footprint!

Lance on March 1, 2011, CITROEN MULTICITY is a portal mobility unreleased. Open to all, it aims to facilitate displacements. Thanks to its calculation module itineraries door to door that integrates all modes of transportation, CITROEN MULTICITY provides a concrete response to the multimodal trend (transit self-service bike + train + car etc..).

With more than 1.7 million visits and 17,000 customers since its launch, CITROEN MULTICITY will gain new ORIENTED deals on car sharing between individuals: car sharing and carpooling. These two new services will be available by the end of the first half of 2012.

Citroen innovates and offers new ways of motoring! picture #1

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