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Opel revolutionized automotive lighting

Opel developed an intelligent lighting, not a dazzling LED matrices.

For more than a decade Opel innovates in matters of lighting systems.

Opel has developed a revolutionary system of lighting and, embodying a smart beam LED matrices. The technology of light, completely new in the field of automobile, make even more sure, more relaxed and more comfortable for the driver driving at night.

Opel is now the first car manufacturer to experiment on prototypes rolling a matrix fully integrated lighting. The beam matrix represents a new philosophy in lighting technology. Rather than using the beam of headlights as the default, the new concept of lighting takes matrix based beam-beam. But in this new approach, the beam-beam is not always dazzling and automatically adapts to the traffic situation. In this way, the matrix lighting provides intelligent assistance to the driver, allowing him to drive without constraint while maintaining the highest possible level of security. The beam is able to vary much more quickly to adapt to the conditions encountered any other solution, it goes through the driver or moving mechanical elements.

"Active safety is the main axis of the engineering policy at Opel," says Rita Forst, Vice-President, Engineering at Opel. "We have been the first manufacturer to offer the AFL - combination of xenon lights and dynamic cornering static at intersections -. Opel is preparing for 2002 now again revolutionize driving at night with beam smart matrices, the auto lighting system as the world evolves. "

The matrix lighting works in conjunction with the front camera Opel implanted between the windshield and the rear view mirror. As soon as the sensors detect the front camera light sources or oncoming cars before the system completely deactivates the beam in this area, while the rest of the road is brilliantly enlightened.

Thus, if other road users are never dazzled, other obstacles remain unclarified always visible.

The exclusive use of diodes in the matrix beam presents a whole series of important advantages, because this new system consumes less light than standard xenon or halogen lamps. It only uses half of the energy consumed by halogen lamps. Each of the arrays has two projectors comprises four segments of lights. Behind each segment are arranged four separate light sources that can be placed in service or not, which leads to sixteen possible combinations AFL floodlight. Changes between 256 various settings bundle are continuous and fluidity while, even without the driver noticed.

Until the only daytime running lights were able to reproduce the shape of arrow which is the light Opel signature. But from now on, the dipped beam is able also at night. This feat was achieved by combining two functions: traffic lights day and the beam of headlights now share a row of seven bright elements. This possibility gives automotive designers more freedom in the design of new car models.

The new concept of lighting matrix will be gradually deployed on all Opel range in the coming years, as was the case in 2002 lorsqu'Opel became the first automaker to provide the safety lighting system AFL. The latest version of the AFL system (AFL +) includes discharge lamps bi-xenon headlights, a bad time lighting, dynamic lighting and static cornering at intersections, an assistant to pass high beam lights and LED day.

Source: Opel

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