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New assistant adaptive high beam, intelligent

Night car trips will be safer in the future. In fact, Mercedes-Benz has developed an innovative system that automatically adjusts the scope headlights depending on the distance of the foregoing vehicles or oncoming. This means that drivers shall at all times an optimal reach of headlights to detect the presence of other road users, pedestrians, or danger areas more easily and quickly. The adaptive high-beam assistant will be available in spring 2009. Unlike conventional systems that simply alternate between low beam and high beam, the new technology invented by Mercedes-Benz is adaptive, adjusting the brightness depending on the traffic . The scope of the headlights can thus pass about 65 meters 300 meters without dazzling other drivers. 

If the system detects the oncoming traffic or vehicles foregoing, it continuously adjusts the scope headlights a way that the cone of light fades to other road users. The high beam assistant also takes into consideration the steering angle adequately to lower the light beam headlights in greenhouses turns. On long deserted roads, the system gradually changes the beam. Of field tests have shown that the high beam assistant greatly improved the safety of motorists in the dark. In spite of oncoming traffic, mannequins places along the road to play the role of pedestrians were detected at a distance of about 260 meters, approximately 150 meters earlier than with conventional lights crossing. The new assistant beam Mercedes-Benz is more than doubly advantageous in terms of security. 

In addition, the system helps lighten the task of the driver: since it is not necessary to operate the rise stem on the steering column, it is possible to concentrate fully on driving. Once active, adaptive high-beam assistant automatically optimizes the reach of the headlights. In the past after studies have been conducted, the headlights are on average kindles for only about 8% of nocturnal journeys.

Every 40 milliseconds, lighthouses receive new data against which their adjustment is optimized. The new technology developed by Mercedes-Benz uses an integrated camera a windshield that monitors traffic ahead of the vehicle. Thanks to an intelligent image processing algorithm, the camera can detect other vehicles and determine their proximity.

The scope of the bi-xenon can then be modified and be continually adjusted the distance of the car foregoing or that of oncoming vehicles. The system reacts as fast as lightning, sending new data to the headlamps every 40 milliseconds. The adaptive high-beam assistant works at speeds over 55 km / h and is fully automatic as the driver turns the button lights to put in "Auto" position and engages the beam by pressing stem multifunction buildup on the steering column.

This results in that the spring of 2009, Mercedes-Benz models will be equipped with a headlight using the most efficient in the world of lighting technology.

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