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Winter driving course has preventive ICAR

There are only a few days, members of the media were invited to the ICAR Mirabel an overview of the training program in preventive winter driving to the public. This course of conduct preventive control in winter conditions with a duration of more than two hours and thirty minutes is structured to appeal to beginners as well as experienced drivers.

The direction of the proposed activity to media representatives an introduction from the official spokesperson, Mr. Jacques Duval, preceding a theoretical part of thirty minutes led masterfully by Carl Nadeau, the main instructor.

The information transmitted is very interesting and supported by explanatory slides. The program includes driving on icy or slippery floor, in fact, what we call the Quebec ice blue or sometimes black ice. The exercises are driving vehicles KIA courtesy of Kia Boisvert and Boisvert Mitsubishi for integrals over a Mustang of the Academy for testing propulsion types. Each participant can choose the type of vehicle according to its needs and desire, which is a great concept to learn how to better drive the vehicle type normally conducted on a daily basis for all participants.

The goal? Learn how to start, braking and around obstacles on icy roadway. Instructors analyze our strengths and weaknesses to advise on points then was correct, which is the case for everyone, including a driver like me with over 50 years experience of winter driving.

I was surprised to learn that the method of braking pumping the brakes in an emergency or ice very slippery floor was totally obsolete and banned since the arrival of our modern cars braking system ABS.

The PAST thirty minutes with each participant on road behavior in emergencies is very well presented and a great use for the majority of drivers, even the most experienced. Of very good advice to learn how to manage stress levels in emergency situations will undoubtedly save lives and to save significant material damage to all those who offer it during winter driving presented by ICAR and Continental Tire.

Carl Nadeau, Maxime Pelletier, Elie Arseneau and some other instructors have for our group have worked hard to ensure that our methods of conduct improved over the running of the session.

For my part, for example, I wanted to redo some of the exercises with my own car to judge the behavior of a van type Dodge Caravan in emergency situations on sheer ice. The friend Carl Nadeau has made a duty to accommodate my request and grant me a good thirty minutes of his precious time to experiment on icy track and give me some good advice. I want to thank him for his availability and his advice very relevant.

If a driver is able to adequately analyze the behavior of this type of vehicle on ice background, Carl is the man all designe, being himself a champion of skiing.

Courses for the general public shall begin in the coming days and we invite you to contact the ICAR to book your tickets - which are limited! - At 514 955-4227 or by visiting: For the special launch, the price of a value of $ 249 is offered for an introductory price of $ 199.

A text-Michel Flageole

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