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Will it be a driver in the car?

In the world of motorsport, there exists a unique ordeal world called The race to the clouds. It is an annual ordeal during which competitors must to climb the summit of Pikes Peak in Colorado as soon as possible. The famous road is a distance of 19.99 kilometers, it has 156 turns with no railing and finish line is at the top at an altitude of 4300 meters. In 2006, I had the privilege to climb the summit of Pikes Peak driving a Porsche Cayenne Turbo on the famous route that had been exceptionally close to traffic for the occasion, allowing us to drive as fast we could, and it still remains one of the most memorable experiences of my career.

In 2010, Shelley made the same journey, except that the "Shelley" in question is not a driver, but the name given to the Audi TTS car rolling without driver board ... The fact that a car is autonomous able to negotiate each of 156 turns in the route and reach the summit without human intervention speaks volumes about the progress made in the development of cars that have recently belonged to the realm of science fiction. Audi, Volkswagen and several other manufacturers are currently working on development of systems in order to allow autonomous cars eventually has to move freely on public roads, but they are not alone in pursuing this goal. Indeed, Google owns a fleet of Toyota Prius self that lately passed the 200 000 km driven on public roads in California.

The car that drives by itself will she soon be part of our automotive landscape? According to several experts, it will take more than one or two decades before becoming reality since it will first ensure the connectivity between the various vehicles in addition to ensuring that between vehicles and infrastructure. One thing is certain, if the giants of the computer and automotive industries have decided to seriously take an interest in these new technologies by devoting considerable resources, it is undoubtedly because their full development potential.

Source: Audi, Google

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