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Nisaan LEAF: Reservations are now open to the public

- First Nissan LEAF model year 2012 are available sooner than expected -

Nissan Canada today announced that it will allow the public to enter its online reservation system for the rest of his contingent Nissan LEAF model year 2012. The reservations of the vehicle, previously available only for registrants has / leaf, are now open to all Canadians residing close (65 km) of the 27 Nissan dealerships certified LEAF Canada.

40 Nissan LEAF which were part of the first contingent of the 2011 model year have found a buyer in a few minutes this summer, and the popularity of the model has not dementie with the booking of first 350 vehicles of the quota year model-2012 earlier this fall. Now that the reservation process is open to the public, more Canadians will have the opportunity to acquire the first fully electric car destiny in mass market.

"The feedback we received from the owners of Nissan LEAF in Canada are very positive. Many of them are their stories and experience in social media, "stated Judy Wheeler, Director of Marketing, Nissan Canada. "As more and more people adopt fully electric mobility and talk about them, and especially of the Nissan LEAF, a growing number of Canadians will look with enthusiasm to acquire this model as the next vehicle. Opening reservations to the general public is a milestone launch of this vehicle in Canada. "

In late November, more than 110 Nissan LEAF were delivered to Canadian customers and more than 20,000 were sold on a global scale. Buyers of Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia are eligible for a provincial rebate amounting respectively to $ 8,500, $ 8,000 and $ 5,000 on the cost of a Nissan LEAF, the price of base rises to $ 38,395.

Reservation process online:

Online reservations will be open Dec. 12 persons residing close to a Nissan LEAF certified dealer on the website.

Fee of $ 99 (fully refundable) is required to secure booking.

After having a reserve assessment for the installation of a charging station at their home, customers will receive an invitation to order their Nissan LEAF.

Customers then ask a quote from their local Nissan LEAF certified dealer and will continue the process of buying until they take possession of their vehicle.

Nisaan LEAF: Reservations are now open to the public picture #1

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