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2012 Nissan LEAF: The reservation process is snaps

- AeroVironment, a leading infrastructure providers, has been selected to provide charging solutions at home

Today, Nissan Canada (NCI) announced the reservation process for the Nissan LEAF, which will make its entry in the Canadian market as the first fully electric car this fall. Nissan will manage strictly the purchase process from the first step, namely the registration of consumers / leaf, until they take possession of their Nissan LEAF and the plug for the first once in their charging station at home. The rapid interest in the Nissan LEAF has been very encouraging, leading more than 15,000 Canadians to register on the microsite.

Nissan expects to deliver 600 Nissan LEAF model 2012 on the Canadian market. In addition to these models in 2012, Nissan Canada is able to ensure the delivery of 100 Nissan LEAF model year 2011, of which 40 will be allocated to consumers before the arrival of the 2012 model planned later this year.

Reservations for the 2011 Nissan LEAF will start at the end of August and the first vehicles will be delivered to buyers early fall. Quickly, reservations resume, this time for the model year 2012.

"We are delighted to be able to provide a limited number of models in 2011 Canadians who are eager to be among the first to possess one of the most innovative cars on the market," stated Judy Wheeler, Director of marketing Nissan Canada, Inc. "We are launching the reservation process in stages, as we expect that demand will outstrip supply until 2013, when we reach the maximum capacity of the new production plant situated in Tennessee. "

At the end of August, Nissan will for the first time the opportunity to reserve a Nissan LEAF to those on the (leaf /) website and resident close a Nissan LEAF certified dealer ( list of dealers will be confirmed in the coming weeks). 40 2011 Nissan LEAF available, orders will be taken on a first come, first served. Quickly resume bookings for the first stage of the sale of 2012 models on the Canadian market.

Reservation process:

• At the end of August, reservations for registrants shall begin on / leaf resident close a Nissan LEAF certified dealer. All details, including the precise date of opening of reservations, will be announced in advance by email.

• A fee of $ 99 (fully refundable) is required to secure booking.

• After a study and assessment for the installation of a solution recharge their home, customers will receive an invitation to order their Nissan LEAF.

• Clients then request a full quote from their local Nissan LEAF certified dealer and then continue the sales process until they take possession of their vehicle.

Nissan Canada also announced today that the Nissan supplier, AeroVironment (NASDAQ: AVAV) increases its presence in Canada and is responsible for the supply and installation of a home charging stations, as well as services installation online, thus contributing to the launch of the Nissan LEAF. Charging stations at home AeroVironment are designed to provide a reliable loading and once installed and connected to a 240 volt line. Seven only enough to completely recharge the battery of the Nissan LEAF.

Charging at home is a method of "refueling" practice for owners of Nissan LEAF. To enable rapid installation of charging stations, the network of qualified electricians and Chartered AeroVironment provide services to assess a pre-installation home before delivery of the vehicles and install charging stations according Layouts home and the needs of the driver.

"As part of its commitment to make driving without emission accessible to mass market, Nissan provides a unique service for the new owners of the car, which is why we chose to work with AeroVironment," said Wheeler adds. "When buyers will pick up their Nissan LEAF, they can recharge their vehicles overnight safely from home. "

Nissan LEAF

One of the most examined car industry for good reason, Nissan is the first car LEAFMC fully electric in the world and has recently won the title of World Car of the year 2011.

Nissan LEAF is a car rear tailgate intermediary offering plenty of cargo space and comfortable seats that can accommodate five adults. On a range of 160 km (depending on the LA4 test cycle EPA) with total charge, Nissan LEAF provides 90% of Canadians autonomy they need to perform their daily displacements. The charging station is home to 240 volts can fully recharge the battery in seven hours; Moreover, a rapid charger can charge level 3 80% in the battery only 26 minutes.

Powered by a lithium-ion developping 107 horsepower and 207 lb-ft of torque, the Nissan LEAF is a nervous and pleasant car to drive. As the Nissan LEAF does not possess traditional engine, it is extremely quiet. Thus, for safety reasons, an external sound system has been integrated to warn pedestrians that the car approach. In April, Nissan LEAF has received the title of "Top Safety Pick" (best security choice) of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The dashboard displays regularly updated information on the independence and effectiveness of the conduct; a telematics system called CARWINGS allows the driver to communicate with the car via a smart phone to operate remotely the air conditioner or heater, as well as to manage and monitor the charging of the battery.

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