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Mitsubishi i-MiEV 2012: Finally available in Canada

The president and CEO of Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc.. (MMSC), Mr. Shin Fujioka, took part in Vancouver, the celebrations surrounding the arrival of the i-MiEV model (Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle) 2012 for North America.

"There is a little over a year, we celebrated, in Vancouver, the completion of the Tournee" Canada Eco "our Japanese i-MiEV model, and today we are celebrating the arrival on Canadian soil our first 77 i-MiEV models for North America, "stated Mr. Fujioka. "We have worked in close collaboration with several partners on both sides of the Canada over the past year and know that our technology of our electric vehicle is ready for daily displacements urban needs of Canadians."

Mitsubishi celebrates its commitment to the test fleet partnership for the company with several parks and business partners at the provincial and municipal governments across Canada. With more than 43 i-MiEV models along the roads of the country, we are proud of our commitments with the following partners: BC Hydro, the City of Vancouver, the city of Qualicum Beach, the city of Saanich, ENMAX, Government of Manitoba , Transport Canada, Toronto, Hydro Quebec, the City of Montreal, Eaton, Right to Play, Club Assist and Autoshare.

"We gained valuable information about our batteries and our charging systems," said Mr. Fujioka, "and we have a better idea of ​​the Aura makes the i-MiEV will integrate the electrical network. All this information is even more important when we launch the i-MiEV to the Canadian market. "

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV represents the pinnacle of Mitsubishi Motors ecological technologies and partnerships in Canada are the most important partnerships of its kind in North America.

Canadians can get a model i-MiEV Mitsubishi dealers in the weeks to come.

The i-MiEV 2012 Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle) is a subcompact car hatchback 5 doors that can accommodate four occupants and has been designed and built to be energy efficient, ecological and fun to drive. It will be the most affordable fully electric vehicle production in the Canadian market. Thanks to its range of up to 155 km, a top speed of 130 km / h and an equivalent gasoline mpg 112 MPGe, the i-MiEV will make an excellent vehicle for commuting for many Canadians living in centers urban.

The all equipped i-MiEV will offer two versions; the basic version will have a suggested retail price of the manufacturer (MSRP) of $ 32,998 and the top-end version will offer a Premium Package MSRP of $ 35,998.

MSRP of $ 32,998, totaling $ 5,397 less than the price of electric vehicles produced by other major car manufacturers. The provinces of Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec have already announced they would grant subsidies for purchase of electric vehicles (ie a credit of $ 8,230 for Ontario, $ 5,000 for British Columbia and $ 7,769 in Quebec). Therefore, the net MSRP of the i-MiEV in these three provinces will increase to $ 24,768 in Ontario, $ 27,998 for British Columbia and $ 25,229 in Quebec. In addition, the province of Quebec also offer a grant covering half the costs for purchase and installation of a residential charger, up to a maximum of $ 1,000 and British Columbia will provide a $ 500 rebate the purchase of a power electric vehicles System (SAVE). The revolutionary Mitsubishi i-MiEV is the most affordable electric vehicle production in the Canadian market.

And thanks to its created to provide a surprisingly spacious living attractive design and excellent maneuverability, stability and security (in addition to the present cost of maintenance and exceptionally low energy supply), the all-new Mitsubishi i-MiEV is an excellent choice for conscious automotive consumers environment in search of a main vehicle to add to carpool and / or transit. It is also the ideal secondary vehicle for those who wish to make a significant personal contribution to sustainable transport.

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