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IndyCar leaders blamed the accident was a result of Dan Wheldon

Finger tips from the start of the season for many questionable decisions, officials of the IndyCar Series have seen the label downright irresponsible be glued them back after a fatal accident of Dan Wheldon last month.

The IndyCar series did not return to Las Vegas Motor Speedway since 2005, when the pilots reported security problems that track batie for NASCAR with banked turns 20 degrees (compared to 9 degrees at Indianapolis ) engendered. But leaders have ignored IndyCar drivers words this year, not just on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

For example, let us remember that Will Power had received $ 30,000 fine for making a double finger salute to the race director Loudon, in August. Everyone was so ironic about the gesture, but if his frustration had been so great that day, it is because the race director had revived the ordeal with two laps to do when the track was wet. Inevitably, in a pileup was to follow.

At Las Vegas, Wheldon has died after apparently having his head hit the wall after his car was either Envolee another. Fatality to some, but the fact is that car racing oval remain dangerous, especially in Vegas, or drivers can drive four cars wide. The slightest touch, and it's a disaster.

If the project schedule IndyCar 2012 we consult, we note that the Las Vegas race is indeed PROGRAM next season, as the return of the series on the oval Californian Fontana, or the Greg Moore lost his life in 1999. art running after trouble?

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