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The "Hamilton" folder has not been evokes Japan

Last week, we we were doing echo, the same way as several foreign media, the meeting provided for by the Pilots Association Grand Prix Suzuka, about the pilot Lewis Hamilton and multiple incidents he causes since the start of the Formula 1 season.

But in the paddock of the Japanese circuit probably bothered by questions about this famous meeting, the pilots suggests that the planned meeting was a regular meeting to discuss various points that Hamilton was not a pilot the agenda. A beautiful flip-flop that seems to have been dictated by the fact that this topic was not unanimously in the middle of the Formula 1, not only with some drivers but also leaders of stables and sponsors.

Certainly, at least one pilot wanted to evoke without the detour Hamilton last weekend behavior. This is Michael Schumacher. Gene by the English in the last qualifying round, the German veteran was not as tender words to his rival's car down! However, Felipe Massa n, has not worthwhile to comment on the attachment which he was victim from Hamilton halfway. I must say that this time, Lewis was out of hand and apologize commissioners will not have seen fit to penalize.

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