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The Car Guide launches the third generation of its website

The Car Guide advantage of holding the next Auto Show in Frankfurt to introduce the third generation of its website. The new site pushes the boundaries in terms visual quality, while adding new features in its segment. Every effort has been made in the development of this new generation as we took into account the feedback from our customers to ensure a product that meets their needs. This new site is the result of close collaboration between designers, engineers and marketing team.

Offers to the following URL the new website Car Guide is available for this week and is offered a more than competitive price, is $ 0 in the basic version and 0 $ equipped with all versions. It is further covered by the more attractive guarantees or the repute of the Guide de l'auto, the auto reference in Quebec for 46 years.


Thanks to its new engine, auto site Guide 2012 wants faster and excellent ergonomics allow visitors to find in one click all the information regarding a brand and model.

More technological

The new website Car Guide advantage of several new technologies unpublished in its segment. Firstly, the homepage automatically adapts to the resolution of your screen, allowing you to get more content and better visibility. In addition, the Facebook Connect technology allows you to comment on all content directly from your personal account.

More economical

Since consumption has become a very important criterion among buyers, the new vehicle section of the new website Car Guide strongly reduces the search time and therefore, the consumption of bandwidth, since you can quickly compare up six dimensions cars ratings to quickly unearth the gem. Attention sportier site usage, such as the visit of our many galleries, could increase your intake of page views.

The site of the Guide de l'auto 2012, is:

A home can go up to 1280 pixels wide

High resolution photos

HD videos

A variety of content inedite

A team of renowned experts

Auto comprehensive coverage of Shows

The archives of Car Guide available online

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