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You expected, here, the Guide de l'auto 2010

The original since 1967 is back. You waited and it finally arrived, the 2010 edition of the Guide de l'auto. True to its reputation, The Car Guide and seasoned team of specialists we provide the most reliable and most complete in the automotive world of Quebec.

In addition to comb through all new models of cars, SUVs and light trucks that will be offered in Quebec, Le Guide de l'auto 2010 reserve his readers many surprises even a full assessment of the universe automotive:

a face to face Eco (hybrid against traditional);

the best buys of the year in each of the categories;

the most impressive prototypes;

Chronic dealing with performance as well as practical considerations;

large files;

a multimedia web site with updates, supplementary data and video clips.

And more! To give you an accurate picture of all the new data and new models, the 2010 edition promises comparative more attractive games that allow the prospective buyer to make an informed decision.

The Car Guide 2010 THE best reference book to know everything about the car actuality 44 years.

Denis Duquet, Gabriel Gelinas and Marc Lachapelle are automotive journalists whose professional rigor has been recognized for a long time. To realize the 2010 edition, they are surrounded by a large team of employees including Nadine Filion, Alain Morin, Antoine Joubert and Sylvain Raymond.

Click here to order it online thanks to the website of Car Guide.

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