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Renault Kangoo Z.E. is elected "International Van Of The Year 2012"

Kangoo ZE van 100% electric Renault was voted "International Van of the Year 2012"; an award given by a jury of 22 journalists european specialized in commercial vehicles.

This is the very first time an electric vehicle has won the title against the many suitors thermal utilities.

The jury was seduced by the virtues Zero Emission * the van, but also by its functional and economic qualities in line with market expectations.

Markets since late October in Europe, Kangoo ZE is already three times as. In addition to the International Van of The Year 2012, the van has received an award in Denmark and Ireland.

Totaling 104 points possible 168, Kangoo ZE has won the price very desire to "Van of The Year 2012" to Iveco Daily, Fiat Ducato and VW Caddy. The trophy was presented to Jean-Marie Hurtiger, Director of the Division of Utility Vehicle Renault, during the opening of the 14th edition of the International Exhibition "Trailer" of Belgium soiree. Pieter Wieman, the president of the jury stated: "With the Kangoo ZE, Renault makes supply electric vans available to users in Europe. It makes a major contribution ENVIRONMENT, one of the largest current problematic in road transport of goods. "

Jean-Marie Hurtiger stated "This prize rewards the work of women and men of Renault who have invested for many years in the Kangoo ZE, one of four electric vehicles Renault project. All trades of the company have been involved in this adventure, be it office study, the Maubeuge plant, or trade. They rose to the challenge of remarkable manner, showing determination, creativity but also a good team spirit which is now bearing fruit. "

Z.E. Kangoo, a utility vehicle Renault

Renault, the number 1 utility vehicle in Europe since 1998, has broadened its range of commercial vehicles with Kangoo ZE, the electric version of Kangoo. This is the first 100% electric van produced entirely by a manufacturer at the factory.

Thanks to the implementation underfloor battery, Kangoo ZE retains the same capabilities and loading the same dimensions as its thermal release. Kangoo Z.E. to decline by 2 lengths and 3 versions all made on channels MCA Maubeuge in France on the same line as thermal Kangoo. These Kangoos Z.E. Kangoo Maxi Z.E. 2 places, Kangoo Maxi Z.E. 5 places. This diversity helps answer has multiple needs of business customers, with a working volume of 3 to 4.6 m3, and the possibility of transporting goods and people.

The first Z.E. democratize

Kangoo ZE, the first vehicle Renault ZE range, made its entry in Renault dealerships on October 28. Accessible from 20 000 € in Europe (without tax incentives), Kangoo ZE appears 15 000 € in France thanks to the bonus € 5000 of the State. The battery is, as it has, louee from 72 € HT / month for 36 months and 10,000 km.

The environmental benefit

In France, the full CO2 balance wheel wells, taking into account emissions from the production of electricity, is very favorable to the vehicle maker. It is only 12 grams of CO2 per kilometer. For Van of the Year jury, this contribution to the reduction of CO2 is even more important that the van is designed for the production of large series.

Freshly markets and already multi-title

The "International Van of the Year 2012" award crowns the series of prizes awarded a Kangoo ZE Europe. Indeed, after the title of "Van of the Year 2012" in Denmark by a jury of automotive journalists and that of "Fleet Transport Green Commercial 2012 'in Ireland by a jury of experts from Fleet Transport Awards, he is the third trophy that won Kangoo ZE

Kangoo Z.E. transformed

As with all utilities Renault Kangoo ZE allows transformations bodybuilders Chartered Renault. For example:

Kangoo Z.E. Pick up, for example municipal technical services (camber realized by the company Durisotti)

Kangoo Z.E. Ambulance to hospital intrasite transport (camber realized by the Company BSE)

Kangoo Z.E. Iso Fridge for urban deliveries Zero Emission (camber realized by companies and ECP-GRUAU ISBERG)

The agrement Carrossier was introduced by Renault in 2010. Enables each bodybuilder certify realize all the changes he wants on all Renault vehicles for a period of 3 years. It is a guarantee of diversity of adaptations to respond to all the needs of business customers, but also because of quality certified by Renault.

In the case of Kangoo ZE, coachbuilders are also trained and certified. So they have the ability to set security (record) intervene and transform Kangoo ZE

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