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McLaren P13: Even no wipers!

McLaren P13: Even no wipers! picture #1

McLaren P13: first official sketch

The engineers of the British McLaren brand working very hard on a new technological approach, which will replace the wiper blades.

It's Frank Stephenson, the chief designer of the brand, who confirmed in an interview he gave to the Sunday Times of London.

To do this, an ultrasound transducer that converts electricity into ultrasound, which are directed to the windshield, as with property automatically remove anything that touches the glass, which, dirt, crushed insects and water are used. Without wiper blades, it would result in better aerodynamics and better fuel economy.

McLaren P13 would currently developing the first model of the brand advantage of such a system.

P13 would be officially unveiled in October 2014 at the Paris Motor Show in Paris.

McLaren P13: Even no wipers! picture #2

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