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NASCAR Toronto: the threat is it serious for Montreal?

The NASCAR event presented annually at Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve could be the last of its kind next August. It is the cry of alarm launches in recent days by ISC, the American company who is a promoter of the event Montrealers. For Francois Dumontier, who works with ISC and is currently negotiating the renewal of the agreement with NASCAR (with focus on attracting a day on the Sprint Cup Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve), the problem comes from the attitude of the Government Quebec who opposed any idea of ​​subsidy Montreal NASCAR event because it does not bring tourist fallout! Hard to believe, but true.

But nothing at the level of motorsport, other events like the F1 Grand Prix, the Trois-Rivieres, IndyCar races in Toronto and Edmonton, all benefit from government subsidies. In this case, ISC request $ 500,000 by level of government. The Federal is ready to accept it, but apparently not Quebec.

Contrary to what some people suggest, the risk-proof demenager in Ontario from 2012 is real. Because if NASCAR clear its opposition to roll on the circuit of Toronto or product at this time IndyCar, you should know that Mosport (a one hour east of the Queen City) would be ready to present this race, especially that of the three new owners of Mosport, we find Ron Fellows, a pilot near the NASCAR organization. SAI gives a deadline June 30 to settle the case.

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