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Ford wins the battle of the "Yellow Cab" New Yorker

There are not so long, it was announced that the city of New York had chosen the Nissan NV 200 to replace the Ford Crown Victoria very aging fleet of taxis "Yellow Cab".

But what a surprise to learn today that this very lucrative contract has finally been granted a Ford for the delivery of 13,000 Transit Connect models to be transformed into vehicles taxis.

Every day, more than 600,000 passengers use the services of taxis in the Big Apple.

After the cities of Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando and St. Louis it was the turn of New York City to enjoy the benefits of the Ford Transit Connect Taxi in its release.

The Transit Connect

The accessibility to the vehicle is greatly facilitated by a relatively low ground clearance and the use of sliding doors. With its height of more generous, passengers will appreciate to be in such an environment.

Despite its rather compact size, the vehicle will still offer good storage space and large cargo space.

Each passenger will be secure by the presence of airbags for each contour and very window of the vehicle allow occupants to enjoy a very enlightened interior.

Catch will amenagees in vehicle to allow passengers to use their various communication devices such as smart phones, MP3 players and electronic tablets.

A four-cylinder

Under the hood, the Ford Transit Connect uses a four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine of 136 horses that drink gasoline or even natural gas.

An automatic transmission has four reports is part of this set.

The contract signed between Ford and the City of New York also includes Taurus models that will be used as taxicabs, replacing the legendary Ford Crown Victoria.

Soon, a fully electric version of the Transit Connect will be available in North American markets. 

Ford wins the battle of the "Yellow Cab" New Yorker picture #1

Ford wins the battle of the "Yellow Cab" New Yorker picture #2

Ford wins the battle of the "Yellow Cab" New Yorker picture #3

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