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General Motors launched the pilot of the first smart power grid in real world

OnStar connectivity will allow drivers to reduce their costs of displacement

• Smart grids allow utilities to manage the demands of energy of electric vehicles

• OnStar is the only telematics provider able to create a wireless network and smart electric connection between electric vehicles

• During T3, the employees of regional utilities will conduct Volt vehicle as everyday

General Motors and OnStar will launch this year the first real-world pilot of smart power grid for electric vehicles, paving the way for better energy efficiency for utilities and has lower cost burden for customers.

Of this quarter, hundreds of employees of regional utilities will conduct Chevrolet Volt rental vehicle as everyday and participate in the pilot project.

"Unlike other manufacturers, we limit ourselves to the technology of a smart power grid; we move from research and development projects to a program in the real world, declared Nick Pudar, Vice President of OnStar Planning and Business Development. This pilot project will allow us to obtain results in real time on smart energy management; We will discover how to maximize the effectiveness of charging EVs and minimize the electricity bill for EV drivers. "

Many utilities across the United States have implemented programs that authorization customers, enabling them to turn off and turn on the air-conditioning at home depending on the demand for electricity. The customer sees immediately the advantage of this service on its electricity bill is less high. The solution of Smart Grid Onstar builds on this concept, but at a level much more evolved and more pointed.

The utility will use the system Advanced Telematics Operations Management System (ATOMS - Advanced management of system operations telematics) of Onstar to monitor and manage energy use with precision of vehicles. Thanks to the data collected, it will have a better understanding of issues and load moments of VE and services on demand, allowing it to reduce the appeal of peak power by passing the burden of VE hours less congested.

"Building on the knowledge gained on the Chevrolet Volt and their behavior on the road, OnStar is the only telematics provider able to create a wireless connection between the vehicles and the power grid continues Pudar. "

Thanks to the ATOMS of Onstar and solutions partners infrastructure, utilities can implement two services smart power grid:

• Data Collection. With the client's permission, OnStar will provide the utility charge level global and historical (a time and by location) Park Volt belonging to pilot the vehicle without having to connect to a charging station . Public service and have more precise data in forecasting applications, establishment of tariffs and determination of the best places for charging infrastructure.

• Service request. OnStar will allow the utility to actively manage EV charging participating in this service. The public service can reduce peak loads by offering discounts or other incentives to encourage drivers to charge their EVs when the general demand for electricity is at its lowest, usually very early in the morning.

Leader in the automotive industry in telematics, Onstar was presented for the first time the collection of data of VE and the service request in February at the DistribuTECH conference in San Diego. Currently available on specific U.S. markets, the Chevrolet Volt will be at the scale of the nation at the end of year.

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