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Chrysler repays its debts to governments

The American automaker Chrysler repays a substantial portion of its loans to American and Canadian governments as well as the province of Ontario.

Chrysler repays an amount of:

$ 5.9 billion in U.S. government

$ 1.7 billion to the Canadian government and the province of Ontario

For a total of: 7600000000

Recall that Chrysler had received $ 12.5 billion from these governments. In addition, it is an operation which was carried out six years before the maturity that had been established between the manufacturer and his rescuers.

Government participation capital Chrysler is increased from 8.6 to 6.6% for American and 2.2 to 1.7% for Canada.

This repayment was made possible by refinancing from banks and, at rates that are said much more advantageous than those of governments. Here is an operation which should allow Chrysler has to re-register for the award by the end of this year.

Fiat is approaching 51% of the assets of the American

At the very beginning, Fiat owned 20% stake in Chrysler. Subsequently, the assets are 25% passes and very recently 30%. Today, Fiat owns 46% of the assets of Chrysler.

By the end of this year, Fiat hopes to capture 51% of assets in order to officially take control of Chrysler.

The objective is to detain Italian 70% stake in the American when it will be again in scholarships ...

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