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Fiat takes more control of Chrysler LLC

On April 12, the capital of the new entity in Fiat Chrysler LLC is increased from 25 to 30%.

According to the boss of Fiat, Sergio Marchionne, it is the important step that has to be crossed in order to provide by the end of this year, 51% of the American .

Currently units are shared between Chrysler LLC:

Union UAW VEBA: 59.2%

Fiat: 30.0%

American treasure: 8.6%

Canada and Ontario: 2.2%

By June, the senior management of Fiat hopes to renegotiate MADE WITH THE Chrysler American and Canadian governments loans which amounted to seven billion.

Note that the total repayment of these amounts due to these governments remains an essential element for the Italian company can definitely take control of the American manufacturer.

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