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Peugeot and its connection with the film "Midnight in Paris" Woody Allen

Peugeot 508, 5008, but 177 and Peugeot 401 Torpedo accompany nocturnal adventures Peugeot Landaulet 1920, the star of Woody Allen's car "Midnight in Paris."

The brand is present in many long cinematographic productions from old movies like "Zazie dans le metro" or "Day fete" to more recent productions such as "Taxi".

Today, Woody Allen and his movie "Midnight in Paris" presented at the opening of the Cannes Film Festival in 2011, Peugeot ready to both vintage cars and models very recent.

And travel time of the main actor in "Midnight in Paris" took place in a 184 Landaulet 1920, which was responding to the need for production to find a car with a "place chauffeur discoverable and a covered passenger seat."

Are also visible on the screens a 177 Torpedo, a Peugeot 401, 1934, and inside a Peugeot 404.

Two Peugeot 508 also appear in the film revolves in July 2010, that is to say one week after the release of the official photos 1eres and well before the launch of the new high routiere Brand. A 5008 rolls also in a stage of the film.

Finally, ten cars Peugeot were put at disposal of teams in production of the film.

Peugeot and its connection with the film "Midnight in Paris" Woody Allen picture #1

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