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Honda calls the most perfect world humanoid robot in Canada

ASIMO will visit Toronto and Gatineau will demonstrate the novelties of robotic technology

Honda's ASIMO, the most perfect humanoid robot in the world, is coming to Canada to make his first visit since 2007. Designed for one day help people with limited mobility, ASIMO is the culmination of over twenty years of research and Development of Honda engineers. During his stay in Canada, ASIMO will make two stops in Toronto and one in Gatineau, or Honda will present its humanoid robotics technology to the public.

"Our goal at Honda, is to help people move innovative manner, whether our cars, our motorcycles, our new HondaJet aircraft or, as in the case of ASIMO, of help people with mobility problems, "said Takashi Sekiguchi says, President and Chief of Operations at Honda Canada Inc." In fact, ASIMO was created to help people and Honda continues to allocate resources to research and the development of robotics. We made several technological advances, with the latest generation of ASIMO, since we have launched the first generation in 2000, and we are thrilled to bring ASIMO in Canada to show visitors what he can do. "

The most recent version of ASIMO, which stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, is 130 centimeters (4 feet 3 inches). The robot, which is lightweight and compact, has a sophisticated and flexible technology that allows him to walk and run; He possesses a wide range of motion of the arm and simplified functions; tall and has a design has human dimensions.

As kickoff his stay in Canada, ASIMO will return to the Science Centre Ontario, or thousands of visitors have seen the robot for the last time in 2003. On May 13, hundreds of enthusiastic competitors competitions FIRST Lego League and FIRST Robotics Canada will see the unique capabilities of ASIMO, before the robot will make a special presentation to students from across Ontario. On Saturday 14 May, presentations ASIMO will be accessible to the public at noon, 13 h and 14 h.

After its judgment Sciences Centre in Ontario, ASIMO will make a presentation to the Honourable Sandra Pupatello Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ontario, and the general public, Monday, May 16 Accompanied by leaders of Honda Canada, ASIMO will contribute to the celebration of 25 years of manufacturing vehicles Honda Canada and the 25th anniversary of research and development in robotics Honda.

"While the Honda Company is a major milestone, with a quarter of a century of manufacturing vehicles in Ontario, visit the ASIMO will be a perfect opportunity to celebrate the innovation of the company and its commitment to the province," says Pupatello, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ontario. "We look forward to strengthen our strong partnership with Honda as our province is working very hard to strengthen its position as a leader in the automotive industry in North America. "

Thereafter, Thursday, May 19, ASIMO will travel to Gatineau, Quebec, to take part in the opening of the new exhibition "JAPAN: Tradition. Innovation ", which will be presented at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. This famous sense of innovation in Japan and explores the historical roots of technology and avant-garde exhibition in Japan - roots that Honda company share as proud Canadian company of Japanese origin. Honda is also the sponsor of the opening of this exhibition. Suite at the opening of the exhibition, ASIMO will make several public presentations in the Museum from Friday May 20 to Sunday, May 22

Fans can follow the path of ASIMO in Canada on the Facebook page of Honda Canada and learn more about ASIMO looking at his Facebook page.


ASIMO stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. The robot was designed to help people. Honda ASIMO hope will one day help elderly and disabled people at home, although the robot is used today to encourage and inspire young students to take into consideration studies in mathematics and science. The Honda engineers have begun to develop a humanoid robot in 1986, with in mind the idea of ​​one day help people in need. After years of research and development, they created a humanoid robot perfects able to operate in a real world. ASIMO is established permanently at Innoventions Pavilion at Disneyland or demonstration Say 'Hello' to Honda's ASIMO takes place several times a day theater Honda ASIMO.

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