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Nissan NV 2012: The 21 selected dealers across Canada

- Nissan Canada announces its network of dealers for the NV commercial van full size

- A network of 21 dealers of Nissan commercial vehicles covering Canada from coast to another-

Nissan Canada Inc. (NCI) today announced the names of 21 dealers across Canada has certified to sell Nissan commercial vehicles, like the full-size NV commercial van and other vehicles that will be added to the commercial range.

Given that the sale and maintenance of Nissan NV van, as the standard model that has raised roof, require special skills, Nissan Canada has conducted a rigorous selection among applicants concession. Only candidates who have demonstrated excellence in all aspects of the sale and maintenance of the NV range have obtained an exclusive franchise, and so that commercial customers enjoy the best service.

"Commercial vehicles are a whole new range of products for Nissan in Canada; We are dedicated to providing support and exceptional experience to our commercial customers, "stated Mark McDade, director of business representation and operation of vehicles, Nissan Canada Inc." Over the last two years, we collaborates closely with Nissan dealers across Canada interested to ensure that those selected to sell commercial vehicles Nissan understand the specific requirements for the sale and maintenance to allow a commercial customers to reduce to a minimum the periods capital and operating costs of vehicles. "

Each commercial vehicles Nissan dealer has a certified service area has adapted maintenance NV High Roof model and reserve parking spaces for commercial customers. Accordance with service standards, all car dealers NV accord priority service to commercial vehicles on the basis of "the first service area available" and "the first available technician" to reduce to a minimum the period off the vehicle .

Dealers of Nissan commercial vehicles also have a counselor with specialized sales support highly specialized sales character and provides training. This specialist can also provide expert advice to buyers on their needs in matters of commercial vehicle. Each establishment has also certified technicians specially trained to maintain and repair the vehicles unique NV series.

"We are delighted with the network of dealers who see the immense growth potential associated to the NV range," said McDade says. "We will continue the strategic growth of the network of dealers commercial vehicles by giving absolute priority to the welfare of the clientele and the specialization of dealers. "

Network of dealers Nissan commercial vehicles (by province)

• British Columbia (3 retailers):

o Morrey Nissan of Burnaby

o Jonker Nissan Surrey

o Mertin Nissan, Chilliwack

• Alberta (4 dealers):

o Brasso Nissan, Calgary

o Gord Scott Nissan, Red Deer

o Sherwood Nissan, Edmonton

o Nissan Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie

• Manitoba (1 retailer):

o Crown Nissan, Winnipeg

• Ontario (7 dealers): Half-Way Motors, Thunder Bay

o Dale Downie Nissan London

o Nissan Guelph, Guelph

o 401 Dixie Nissan in Mississauga

o Maple Nissan, Maple

o Nissan Ajax, Ajax

417 Nissan, Ottawa

• Quebec (5 dealers):

o Nissan Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke

o Nissan Beauport, Quebec

o Nissan Ile Perrot, Ile-Perrot

o Auto Gouverneur Nissan Laval

o Park Avenue Nissan, Brossard

• Nova Scotia (1 retailer):

o Highland Nissan, Westville

The 2012 Nissan NV

The cargo van is Nissan NV offers three models, the NV1500, the NV2500 HD and NV3500 HD, and in two configurations flag, a standard pavilion and a raised roof. The NV is the first commercial van raised roof adopts a construction bodywork resistant framework for a most users to stand, to move and work in the cargo area.

The Nissan NV is a rear propulsion offers a choice of two engines are both powerful and fuel efficient: a 4.0-liter V6 261 horsepower and developping 281 lb-ft of torque, and a 5.6-liter V8 developping 317 horsepower and 385 lb-ft of torque. Both engines come with a five-speed automatic transmission. The NV is available in two categories, S and SV, each offering a well thought functionality combines the comfortable and spacious interior of a minivan utility aspect of a van. The retail price suggested by the manufacturer * (MSRP) for the 2012 Nissan NV begins at $ 30,998. You will find all the information on the complete range of NV address

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