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Protect yourself and have the APA guide AUTOS 2011

Gasoline prices: CARS 2011 offers saving choices

Protect yourself and the Association for the protection of motorists (APA) today published the guide AUTOS 2011, which includes over 300 models of new and used vehicles as well as a folder on advertising trader of new cars . In addition, for each of the categories, Protect-You identify energy efficient choice ... which is not to overlook in these times of overpricing at the pump!

Despite the high price of gasoline at the pump, protect yourself and APA recall that fuel consumption is not the main factor to consider an economic choice. Indeed, the reliability of a vehicle and its quality-price ratio - including resale value - provide better value in the medium term to consumers. It is building on these criteria that guide AUTOS stands for 23 years and has become an enduring reference, to the test modes.

USED ​​CARS: Increased scarcity of Americans used vehicles and drop reliability

The decision of American manufacturers to stop car rental, in 2008, will be felt in June 2011 by an increased scarcity of vehicles on the market opportunity. This will undoubtedly raise the price of cars that represent good value for money. So many rental returns allowed purchasers to benefit from particularly interesting prices in recent years, but the scarcity of new vehicles Americans will raise the resale values ​​from 2011.

Protect yourself and the APA also emphasize the drop reliability of some models Mazda, despite a good evaluation at the new state, have lost a lot of luster after a few years of wear. This is particularly the case of the Mazda 3 of the first generation. This model has seen many troubles from 2004 to 2007, and not least, the two engines offered suffered major breakage, especially the 2.3 L. Overuse of oil, the engine overheats, a fault with the transmission automatic, rapid wear of the rear brakes: all these problems can occur in buying a used Mazda 3. This is besides the 2004 to 2006 models are very vulnerable to rust, to the point where several cars had to be partially repainted after only four or five years down the road.

Unique in its kind, devoted to the models section 2004 2009 CARS 2011 will attract the attention of the owners - as buyers - on key issues has to know in order to avoid costly surprises: the preventive maintenance, extensions of guarantees, safety reminders of the model, etc..

NEW CARS: advertisements of improved, but ...

The new version of the Law on Consumer Protection, which came into force on 30 June 2010, provides for such mandatory distribution of a global price. It meant the end of the additional costs missing from advertising new cars, and the disappearance of those who are hidden in the fine print. Henceforth, the law requires that the listing price represents the total cost of the vehicle with the exception of the GST, QST, and some government fees, such as specific duty on new tires and registration fees Registry personal and movable real rights (PPSA).

This forced transparency certainly brings improvements in new cars commercials. However, it did not eliminate all the pitfalls. As such, AUTOS 2011 presents some examples of ads recorded in January and February 2011 are still a confusion and hidden traps for which the Office of Consumer Protection should intervene more muscled way.

NEW CARS: Top 10 choices

Honda Fit (sub-compact)

Honda Civic and Toyota Matrix (Compact)

Toyota Camry (Intermediate)

Infiniti G Series (Luxury Cars)

Kia Rondo (small vans)

Honda Odyssey (Vans)

Subaru Impreza WRX and the Volkswagen Golf GTI (Sports)

Subaru Forester (Sport Utility)

AUTOS 2011 on the website

Subscribers of the site can search online records of evaluation of new and used cars and send queries based on different criteria (brand, model, category, rating and price). To subscribe to the address

AUTOS 2011, the annual car-reference to Protect You, will be sold on newsstands beginning on March 24 for $ 8.95.

Founded in 1973, the magazine is published since 2001 by Protect-Vous, a non-profit organization (NPO) completely independent. Dedicated to education and information to the public for consumption, protect yourself is self-financed by the sale of magazine titles and hors serie, by subscriptions as well as using members friends. Protect-You assume all costs relating to the activities of drafting, Evaluation, production and dissemination.

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