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Protect-You present practical Driver's Handbook

In his collection of books "Hors Serie" Protect-You just released its first Practical Guide dedicated to motorists.

As it should be, this whole special edition of 80 pages is filled with advice which is intended to better advise the motorist through a good thirty very relevant chapters, such as:

-    The purchase of the next vehicle

-    Recalls vehicles

-    The calculation of your finances

-    The right choice of accessories and related products

-    Tips for saving energy

-    The maintenance of the vehicle

-    Private sale

-    What to do in case of accident

-    And so on ...

This excellent guide prepared by the team of Get Safe is a tool which can serve as reference content for several years.

The Web section

In this edition of surplus available as a magazine, Protect you add 13 other complementary items on the Web, such as:

-    Buying a vehicle accident

-    The seats of cars for children

-    Driving lessons

-    Drinking and driving

-    Disputing a ticket

-    And many more ...

To have access to these documents on the Web, you must use an entry code that you find in the summary of the book at the following address:

The Practical Guide to the motorist Protegeez-You is currently available at a price of $ 9.95

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