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Scion launches the "Canadian Tuner Challenge"

In addition, you'll be exposing your Personalized car at SEMA Show Las Vegas.

Scion put on the market 16 new accessories still multiply the customization options available to owners of Scion Canada

Scion is above all an expression of his personal style. Competition and the design and modification "Canadian Tuner Challenge" Scion gives car enthusiasts the chance to make the demonstration of their vision and talent tuner on the national stage. We invite Canadian tuners to put their concept of Personalized Scion dream in competition for the chance to win a trip to the salon of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas and expose their modified car trade show products of specialty automotive most prestigious in the world. In addition, the winner will receive $ 5,000 and an iPad. The winning designs of the second and third prize will report to their authors cash prizes and Scion items.

"Canadian Scion Tuner, here's your chance to participate in the SEMA show, an event of the global industry, and demonstrate your talent an audience composed of professionals from all over the planet," stated Larry Hutchinson, Director of Scion in Canada. "Impress us and we will send you to Vegas with your winning Scion for the entire duration of the show. "

Tuning enthusiasts are encouraged to submit their original idea of ​​customizing a Scion Canada. Three regional finalists will be chosen based on several conceptual criteria, the overall creativity of their design, entertainment facilities on board, the improvements in power and appearance as well as brake systems and suspension. These finalists will then customize a Scion xB, xD or tC, depending on the region where they live. Each will receive $ 10,000 and will have access to the Canadian range of TRD parts and accessories authorized Scion to customize a Scion vehicle. Three Scion changed is then exposed fairs Importfest Toronto and Montreal, and the winner will be announced on-site salon Montreal.

With 16 new authorized Scion accessories and parts for new Toyota Racing Development performance that will lances in Canada this spring, while Scion owner can raise a notch level of creativity.

"It is vital for tuners have fresh customization options, and Scion meets the needs of its Canadian owners," said Mr. Hutchinson. "We have extended our range of accessories and products authorized Scion Performance Toyota Racing Development to give them more freedom of personal stylistic expression. "

Scion tuners seeking inspiration can look to a vehicle exhibits this month at the International Auto Show in Toronto: a 2011 Scion tC conceived by the founder of Andrew DaCosta. This tC is equipped with some of the new accessories and new authorized Scion TRD parts, as well as several new accessories to walk after the sales:

• The authorized Scion accessories include leather sport seats, Alpine audio system premium, the ice lateral deflectors and rear spoiler

• The TRD performance parts include wheels 19 x 8 inch lightweight aluminum alloy, the lowering springs 1 inch that improve cornering and maneuverability and a sports exhaust system in stainless steel which increases torque at low and medium regimes that same power.

• The operation of the accessories after-sales include a body kit 5Axis five rooms, a carbon fiber hood SEIBON VSII and TWM short shifter, all courtesy of Johnson Research & Performance.

For more details on the "Canadian Tuner Challenge" Scion, Scion authorized accessories and spare TRD performance, visit Those who wish to participate in the contest must submit a design between 1 and 31 March 2011.

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