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Toyota is still number one, but by the skin of the buttocks

Despite all the waves of reminders that covers more than 9 million vehicles around the world in 2010, the Japanese automaker Toyota has all the same managed to remain at the head of the manufacturers who sold the largest number of vehicles in 2010.

Toyota had removed this title General Motors in 2008 and 2009, but this time it is the skin of the buttocks, since as only thirty thousand sales differ the two belligerents. In total, 8.42 million vehicles sold by Toyota to face sales of GM totaled 8.39 million of units. Resulting in increases in global sales of 12% for American and 8% for the Japanese.

Grace China

If Toyota was able to keep this very title envy and GM could regain much ground in so little time, it's the fact that these two companies have seen their sales soar in China, especially for American while the Japanese are fond of ultra hybrid cars.

Toyota's sales in China increased 19% while those of GM rose 29%. Home in Japan, Toyota has recorded an increase in sales was 14% or 24% in other Asian markets.

A title that could escape him

However, General Motors could become a new world number 1 of the next year. Simply because it currently enjoys greater increases in sales in several Asian markets, including China, while Toyota recorded significant declines in the European markets. In both cases, the North American markets can not afford or a GM or Toyota, alone to become the world number one in sales.

Recall that the German giant Volkswagen could put their sticks in the wheels as the manufacturer and its affiliated brands give until 2018 to become the world number one ...

Rest now know who will be the world number one in 2011 at its global production.

Toyota is still number one, but by the skin of the buttocks picture #1

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