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GM will become the world's number one

If the trend continues, one can already foresee and no great surprise that General Motors will regain his title in 2011 to a global issue.

As a very envy that GM lost in 2008 at the hands of Japanese Toyota.

In this case, it is true that the misfortune of one is often the happiness of others.

Ultimately, it is the massive recalls of Toyota and especially the tsunami that flooded Japan who are primarily responsible for the debacle of the Japanese giant.

Worse for Toyota, since it could end up in third position behind GM and Volkswagen.

First half annunciator

So far, all the sales figures of the major global automakers clearly indicate this trend, in addition to we do discover a third belligerent tougher than ever. This is the German giant Volkswagen who gives up in 2018 to become the world number one.

Personally, I think Volkswagen will become the world number one before that maturity, especially thanks to its increased sales on Asian markets, including China.

So far in 2011, sales are as follows:

General-Motors: 4,536,000 units of

Volkswagen: 4.13 million units

Toyota: 3,71 million units       

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