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Nissan NV 2012: Start of production

Nissan begins production of new NV cargo van has enlarged its factory assembly Mississippi

Ceremonies of the early production inaugurate the expansion of a $ 118 million plant in Canton and mark the arrival of Nissan on the market for commercial vehicles in the United States -

Nissan North America, Inc. (NNA) today inaugurates the beginning of the production of its all-new 2012 Nissan NV commercial van as part of ceremonies has expanded its assembly plant in Canton, Mississippi. Were present at the ceremony Carlos Tavares, chairman of Nissan Americas Board; Bill Krueger, senior vice president for the manufacture and purchase of Nissan; Dan Bednarzyk, Vice President of Manufacturing, Canton, Nissan; Joe Castelli, vice-president for commercial vehicles Nissan; Haley Barbour, Governor of Mississippi; and Gray Swoope, general director of the Mississippi Development Authority.

To produce its new model NV, Nissan has invested $ 118 million factory in Canton, which had opened its doors in 2003 This investment included.:

• an expansion of 14,499 ft2 workshop mounting body;

• an amendment to the existing assembly plant body of 79,200 ft2;

• changes to the existing paint shop 59 000 ft2 plus the addition of 49,000 ft2;

• a new assembly line in the workshop and filling existing frame.

The Canton plant, which has 3,300 employees, also produces the Altima sedan, Titan pickup and the Nissan Armada SUV.

"Not only the opening ceremony of the production mark does a new era for the Canton plant and launch of the Nissan NV utility van, but it also testifies to the growth knows Nissan in North America and its desire to build products of the highest quality to its customers in all its major segments, "stated Mr. Tavares. "For over 75 years, Nissan is a global leader in terms of innovation with respect to commercial vehicles. It is with great pride that Nissan enters the market of commercial vehicles in the United States and Canada offering the astonishing range of innovative NV vans top quality built right here in Mississippi. "

Nissan also announced the donation of a 2012 NV vehicle has nine Habitat for Humanity of the metropolitan area of ​​Jackson, Mississippi, which has used the body to build new houses in the area of ​​Canton and Jackson. Over the past five years, Nissan has granted more than 5 million in grants and in-kind donations to Habitat for Humanity, and more than 5,000 crew members Nissan have given of their time to the construction of over 25 homes across the United States.

"Because we believe that the Nissan NV is perfect for entrepreneurs as homebuilders, we think it tested in the field by Habitat for Humanity," explained Mr. Tavares.

The 2012 Nissan NV

The utility Nissan NV, whose launch is planned for spring 2011 van, is proposed in three models, the NV1500, the NV2500 HD and NV3500 HD, and in two configurations flag, a standard pavilion and a raised roof. The NV is the first commercial van raised roof adopts a construction bodywork resistant framework for a most users to stand, to move and work in the cargo area.

The solid and masculine profile NV marie also a full-length hood reminiscent of a van, which allows easy access to the engine for maintenance as well as space and comfort added to the driver. Some of its features, such as its large headlights and grille that stretches the vertical part of the hallmarks of Nissan in matters of style. Its large lateral moldings confer an imposing character in this utility vehicle while leaving plenty of room for company logos and advertising messages. High and wide portieres allow easy access to the cargo area.

The interior is distinguished by its spacious and comfortable character, with its large and firm seats and its extensive dashboard. The passenger seat can be folded, exclusive characteristic for this segment, and can easily be transformed into work table. A large lockable center console (also exclusive to this segment) is optional endowed innovative storage compartments and space for storing folders, hanging folders and store a laptop. Other handy storage space is provided with the vehicle include a large pavilion set down for console (optional with a flag RAISED models), storage drawers under the seats (on models NV2500 HD and NV3500 HD) and large pockets in the doors. An electric 120V is optional on the center console and the rear of the cargo area.

The NV also provides exceptional functionality thanks to a long and wide floor loading has cages carrees wheel and nearly vertical sidewalls. Parallel to the optimization of storage space, the sidewalls may be provided with alternative storage systems with little modification.

The cargo area is also equipped intended to prevent the loading of a dent the outer wall of the vehicle interior panels. Many integrated reinforced attachment points are also available to allow the installation of sustainable material loading custom.

The Nissan NV is a rear propulsion offers a choice of two engines are both powerful and fuel efficient: a 4.0-liter V6 261 horsepower and developping 281 lb-ft of torque, and a 5.6-liter V8 developping 317 horsepower and 385 lb-ft of torque. Both engines come with a five-speed automatic transmission. The NV is available in two categories, S and SV, each offering a well thought functionality combines the comfortable and spacious interior of a minivan utility aspect of a van.

The retail price suggested by the manufacturer * (MSRP) for the 2012 Nissan NV begins at $ 30,998. You will find all the information on the complete range of NV address

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