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2012 Chevrolet Volt: It uses recycled components of oil from the Gulf of Mexico

45,000 kg of waste diverted from landfills in the country

The oil impregnated plastic of floating barriers employed to recover the oil in the Gulf of Mexico found a second life in the auto parts for the Chevrolet Volt.

General Motors has developed a method to convert an estimated length of 160 km of this material recovered on the coasts of Alabama and Louisiana, diverting the same without this mass of matter of discharges of the country. It is expected that this project long enough duration CREATED plastic parts in the engine compartment to supply the first year production of the electric car has increased autonomy.

"The creativity in recycling fits into the overall strategy of reducing the environmental footprint that continues GM said Mike Robinson, GM vice president, Policy on the environment, energy and safety of GM. Every day, we reuse and recycle by-products at our 76 facilities outside discharge. Here is a good example of a way to leverage this expertise to implement a project on a larger scale. "

Recycling floating barriers will produce more than 45,000 kg of plastic resins to manufacture parts for cars, which will eliminate an equal of waste that would otherwise have to incinerate or bury in mass discharge.

The piece in question, which serve to channel air around the radiator of the car, contain 25% of matter after floating barriers and 25% certified recycled tire test center vehicles Milford Proving Groung GM. The rest is composed of a mixture of plastics and other polymers post-consumer recycled.

GM has teamed up with several partners during all phases of recovery and development. Heritage Environmental managed the collection of floating barriers along the Louisiana coast. Mobile Fluid Recovery was then taken over by addressing the barriers in a huge high-speed rotating drum to eliminate all the polluted water and all the oil they had absorbed. Lucent Polymers is then used his method for packaging the matter has a physical condition for the production of plastic molding die. A provider of first category, GDC Inc., used its patented process to combine EndurapreneMC resin with other plastic compounds to produce the parts.

Work in the Gulf is expected to continue for another two months and GM will continue to lend a hand to its suppliers to collect floating barriers until the end of operations. Provides for the manufacturer to recover enough matter for use in the manufacture of parts other Chevrolet models.

"It was just a question of bringing our help, precise John Bradburn, manager of waste reduction activities of GM. In discharges would have required centuries before these materials begin to degrade and we did not want to see this oil spill indirectly cause another environmental disaster. We knew that with our experience, we could find a beneficial reuse of these materials. "

First car maker has increased autonomy in the world, the Chevrolet Volt has been awarded the prize of the Green Car of the Year by Green Car Journal.

GM is committed to reducing waste and these pollutants and, as such, recycles materials at all stages of the life cycle of its products. The company uses recycled and renewable materials in its cars and trucks, which are recyclable in an amount of at least 85%. Uses tires, plastic bottles, carpets and rugs denim and nylon are diverted from landfills and reused in some GM models.

GM facilities worldwide recycle 90% of waste they produce. The manufacturer announced lately that more than half of its facilities around the world are now out discharge, that is to say that all manufacturing waste is either recycled or used to generate energy.

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