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Hydro-Quebec believes in the virtues of the Chevrolet Volt

- Chevrolet Canada prepares the launch of the Volt in Quebec

- Hydro-Quebec will be the first company in Canada to acquire 20 electric cars with prolonged autonomy.

Hydro-Quebec and Chevrolet announced a new partnership that will see Hydro-Quebec integrate 20 Chevrolet Volt its fleet from 2011.

"We are very pleased with this acquisition will allow us to add technology with prolonged autonomy to our portfolio of road testing electric vehicles," stated Mr. Thierry Vandal, president and chief executive officer of Hydro-Quebec. "In the coming years, the adoption of vehicles powered by clean, renewable energy will have a considerable impact on the environmental assessment of Quebec. "

One of the Hydro-Quebec objectives by integrating the Volt in its fleet, is to evaluate the benefits of energy-efficient vehicle in terms of reductions of emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

This is from the summer 2011 the Chevrolet Volt Hydro-Quebec will begin to make heads turn in Quebec, since they are the first representatives of the customer service and counselors for relations with the environment that use these cars.

"We are pleased to team with Hydro-Quebec to promote the electrification of transport and prepare the land for the start of the Chevrolet Volt," said Marc Comeau, vice-president of sales, after- sales and marketing of Chevrolet Canada. "Thanks to its extended-range Chevrolet Volt eliminates any concern in matters of autonomy and gives motorists the freedom to drive green without feeling the fear of failure. "

Pioneered world of electric cars a range extender, the Volt can cover a total distance of about 580 km. According to Chevrolet, the Volt is the only electric car conceived for all weather conditions and for roads, and freed from the constraints associated with conventional electric vehicles. For the first 40 to 80 km, the Volt does not use a drop of gasoline and produces no exhaust gas; it feeds the aid of a lithium-ion 16 kWh. When the battery is discharged, a generator a 1.4-liter petrol automatically takes over to add a radius of about 500 km per tank of gas.

The electric vehicles can be recharged with a standard 120V electrical outlet Users who wish a faster recharge can install a charging station called "level 2" which is fed by a 240 V most Quebec homes which are heated by electricity have the ability to supply a charging level 2. order to simplify the procedures for future Volt owners who wish to acquire this type of charging station, Hydro-Quebec, the Through this partnership, will draw a liaison between Chevrolet Canada and Quebec master electricians with the support of the Corporation of Master Electricians (CMEQ).

Even before its launch in the United States, planned for the end of the year, the Volt had already received many trophies, for example:

• AUTOMOBILE Magazine 2011 Automobile of the Year (car of the year)

• Car and Driver 10 Best (rank the top ten best cars)

• Green Car Journal's 2011 Green Car of the Year (ecological car of the year)

• Motor Trend 2011 Car of the Year (car of the year)

Chevrolet announced that Montreal, Quebec and Gatineau have the scoop of the start of the Volt in Quebec, has like Oshawa, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria. The sale price of the Volt in Canada has not been communicated.

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