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Peugeot EX1 Concept: Speed ​​Records established in China

Peugeot accelerated in China with the EX1 concept sets new records the same year the 200th anniversary of the brand.

The concept car Peugeot EX1 100% electric, which had already established several records in Montlhery in September 2010, broke new records in China, Chengdu, before nearly 200 Chinese and Western media.

Records MADE BY Nicolas Vanier, French explorer and HAN HAN, famous Chinese blogger

EX1 will be realized or exceeded 5 records during the session of runs effected on the military airport in Chengdu in Sichuan Province. These records of different nature were performed by 2 drivers symbolizing French-Chinese friendship: HAN HAN, pilot, writer, blogger and famous Chinese extremely popular near the Chinese urban youth and Nicolas Vanier, explorer, filmmaker and pilot lovers of french Poles and great defender of the environment.

HAN HAN sprayed official records initially realized a Montlhery on the 1/8 miles and 1/4 miles with respective times of 7 "08" '62 "" and 12 "67" '54 "" .

These records have been certified and are counterparts by the Federation of Motor Sports Chinese, which validates the quality and precision of measurements MADE.

Nicolas Vannier, for his part, realized non-verifiable records, from 0 to 100 km / h reached in 3.49 seconds and the 400 m. He also reached the symbolic longitudinal acceleration of 1G, about 39 m.

All of these performances is a world reference in Chengdu matter PRESS RELEASE Paris, 10 December 2010 2 acceleration for an electric vehicle and a testimony of the technological know-how very high level of Peugeot in the alternative power for cars.

6 things image for Peugeot in one year to accelerate in China

These records a realized Chengdu, represent the 6th event organized by Peugeot in China this year alone, 2010, the bicentennial year of the brand.

In January 2010, the Chinese 408 was presented statically in Beijing.

In April 2010, the brand has presented its new global image China, alongside the Exhibition Beijing, when she was singing commercially 408, the 8th day of the 4th month of the year of the tiger.

In July 2010, Peugeot was conducting a monographic exhibition on 200 years of the brand in the French Pavilion in the Shanghai World Expo.

October 24, Peugeot has organized YSHU8, emblematic place of Franco-Chinese relations, the static presentation of the EX1 and a total immersion in the world of Peugeot.

Not to mention the recent victory of the 908 HDi FAP in the 1000 km of Zhuhai, in southern China, thus allowing Peugeot to win the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup facing a prestigious German competitor.

China: strategic for Peugeot

Peugeot has great ambitions in China, the world's leading automotive work and has fixed the target of doubling its market share in bringing its sales to 500,000 vehicles by 2015.

To achieve these objectives, the brand has planned a very ambitious product plan each year with the launch of at least one product manufactures in China in the coming years.

Peugeot EX1 Concept: Speed ​​Records established in China picture #1

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