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The Pontiac brand is no longer

In 1899, nee Pontiac Spring and Wagon Works, which was specialized in the design and manufacture of trucks. In 1907, the company decided to move towards the production of passenger cars. After having designed and developed some prototypes exposed in the major auto shows of the time, the company was merged with the Company Oakland Motor Co. and the first models of brands Pontiac and Oakland, are emerging.  

In 1909, General Motors Company takes possession of the Oakland Motor Co. and continues to offer cars in Oakland and Pontiac brands. But it is in 1926 that GM will formally consider the Pontiac brand as part of the group and accordingly, the name disappears from the Oakland landscape.

An auspicious period

'70 Decade was, by far, the richest in the car division, including its models a sporty character. The models and Firebird Pontiac GTO are very quickly become icons of the North American automotive industry.

A long agony

It took a good thirty years the brand has to recognize that it was no longer the weight face a competition from increasingly aggressive and coming from everywhere across the planet. I remember very well the age or Ford had decided to reduce the size of its Mustang, a decision which had been ridiculed by GM executives of the era and yet has allowed the Mustang to go through many pitfalls over time. Meanwhile, the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird had been abandoned.

In forty years of history, between 1968 and 2008 Pontiac division saw its sales plummet 800,000 units less than 270,000 copies sold.

Continuation and end

The year passes in its restructuring plan, the new company General Motors had put an end to the different activities of its brands Pontiac, Hummer and Saturn.

And it's Sunday October 31, the death knell has officially rings for the Pontiac brand. 

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