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Stouffville Toyota is aiming for LEED certification

The brand new establishment Stouffville Toyota is a model of sustainable business practices

The establishment is LEED ® Gold certification by adopting systems that reduce the consumption of water and energy, and a program of education that promotes sustainable management practices

Economic development and environmental sustainability are inextricably linked, as evidenced by the more recent establishment Toyota dealership has opened in Canada. The official inauguration of the new state-of $ 11 million Stouffville Toyota took place today. With 25 employees, a showroom of 9,300 square feet and 14 jobs, not to mention multiple ecological building systems, the establishment is trying to achieve Gold certification in evaluation system of green buildings "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design "(LEED ®).

Located in the ecologically sensitive area of ​​the Oak Ridges Moraine, the hotel has been designed around three key objectives: the creation of an institution axis on the client, the design of sustainable systems and the integration of new programs to promote environmental awareness in the community. Stouffville Toyota therefore intends to realize exceptional performance in terms of sustainability, including a reduction in fuel costs by over 70% and a reduction of water consumption by over 80% compared to similar facilities.

Here is a list of the main ecological characteristics of Stouffville Toyota

• Use of recycled materials generalized (more than 25% in terms of cost);

• Use of generalized regional origin materials (more than 38% in terms of cost);

• The network of renewable energy includes the establishment of followers for solar panels and a charging station for electric vehicles (draft);

• A system for collecting rainwater reduces the consumption of municipal water;

• A roof covered with reflective material reduces the energy requirements in summer;

• The use of certified products FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) to ensure that products based on wood from well managed forests;

• 117 tonnes hijacked waste from landfills during the construction of facilities;

• A design that maximizes natural light to reduce total energy expenditure;

• And an integrated heating system fed by floor ultramodern efficient boilers 95%.

In addition, Stouffville Toyota propose an education program on green buildings including guided tours of its facilities. The purpose of this program is to discover visitors sustainable technologies adopted by the institution and promote the importance of business practices and style choices sustainable living.

"We are proud of what we accomplished has Stouffville Toyota, and we hope that we can set an example by promoting business practices and style choices sustainable living, stated Kevin Baxter, Dealer Principal of Stouffville Toyota. We look forward to welcoming members of local communities in our new facilities. "

"At Toyota, commitment to the environment is an integral part of our DNA, and is the driving force of our initiatives in sustainable mobility and activities of dealers and head office on a national scale, stated Stephen Beatty , Head of Environment and Managing Director of Toyota Canada. We congratulate Stouffville Toyota for its inauguration and its efforts to achieve LEED ® Gold certification, and we wish him our best wishes for success in the community. "

Instituted by the transition towards sustainable mobility Toyota, vehicles such as the Prius plug-in hybrid have an important role to play. But beyond the only sustainable mobility, Toyota also recognizes the need to find a harmonious relationship between industry and the environment - Canadian institutions as Stouffville Toyota testify this will. Toyota Canada has also obtained ISO 14001 certification at its operations across Canada, diverting 91% of waste destined for landfills at the registered office. Toyota Canada is also associated with organizations that share the same beliefs as Earth Day Canada and Evergreen to promote ecological initiatives.

For more details on Toyota's environmental initiatives, visit / environment.

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