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The tour "Insight Canada" goes into high gear in its crossing the country

An automotive journalist travels the 218 kilometers separating the Hill of Biosphere Montreal has an average consumption of 3.8 l/100 km (74 mpg)

Initiating the last third of his crossing the country, the tour "Insight Canada" has left Parliament Hill Monday morning, May 11, in the direction of the Biosphere in Montreal. On April 21, on the occasion of Earth Week, a Honda Insight EX Hybrid Car 2010 designated the "Insight Canada 1" since it is the first car registered in Canada Insight is part of the terminal "Mile 0" of the Trans-Canada Highway in Victoria. Journalists take turns driving in search of environmental initiatives. Among the reports presented every day, there is such a "tale" The Adventures of Insight Canada 1 car on a special Web Site -            

Journalists from across the country will divide the path into two dozen segments during the journey of a month across Canada that ends on May 22 to terminal "Mile 0" of the Trans-Canada Highway in St. John's, Newfoundland Newfoundland. For each segment, journalists are "environmental pulse" of Canadians, visiting ecological site and meeting inspiring people who work hard to reduce the carbon balance of our country, to reduce the energy consumption or to improve recycling efforts.            

Greet a group of students from Vancouver Island who have avoided the destruction of wetlands, visit a village on the autonomous ecological energetics plan Craik, Saskatchewan, learn about the outreach program students have the Environmental Earth Rangers and the energy-efficient features of its registered office, which achieved LEED Gold certification, is a Conservation Area Kortright has Woodbridge, Ontario: here is some of the elements on which journalists during the lean segments of the path to take "environmental pulse" of Canadians.            

The Ottawa journalist Paul Williams, who writes a column on site has realized an average fuel consumption of 3.8 l / 100 km (74 mpg) with a full tank of gas between the Parliament Hill and the Biosphere in Montreal. "I was driving to the limit permitted or roughly, explained Mr. Williams, but I'm still looking for a way to use only electric power without input from a gasoline engine.'s Eco Assist system was very useful for me optimize fuel economy. " The journey of 218 km consisted of city driving and highway driving. The prices of fuel from Transport Canada for the 2010 Insight is 4.5 l / 100 km (highway) and 4.8 l / 100 km (city).            

According to Jerry Chenkin, Executive Vice President of Honda Canada: "We could not pick a better vehicle to realize the Trans adventure, because the new Honda Insight is the most affordable hybrid vehicle in Canada It has a hybrid system has low power consumption. fuel and a full range of safety devices, while providing excellent driveability. " "In addition to represent a benefit to the environment thanks to lower fuel consumption and a lower emission rates, affordable Insight makes it more attractive than ever financially for more hybrid technology Canadians. "            

The new hybrid car hatchback 2010 Honda Insight is on the market since April 22, Earth Day, the retail price suggested by the manufacturer (MSRP) of $ 23,900 for the Insight LX. An upscale version of the Insight EX is proposed as it has a MSRP of $ 27,500. It will include among others the system of navigation GPS bilingual Voice Recognition Honda, assistance to the stability of the vehicle (TM) (VSA (R)), the system HandsFreeLink (R) Bluetooth (R) alloy wheels special, the gear selectors mounted paddle on the steering wheel, a chain enhanced audio, and more.            

Insight is endowed with the exclusivity of Ecological System Support (Eco Assist (TM)) Honda to help drivers reduce their fuel consumption in real conditions. The Eco Assist system (MC) is designed to help every driver optimize the energy efficiency of its vehicle based on driving conditions. Pressing the ECON button integrated in the dashboard, the driver can improve further the efficiency of multiple vehicle systems: throttle, the CVT transmission, the duration of idling at the stop, air conditioning and cruise speed. The Eco Assist system (MC) also gives the driver feedback on driving style on a three-dimensional look-back integrated plan has the speedometer. The color of the back-end changes from blue to green, indicating the level of effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the acceleration or braking.

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