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Scion Canada: A showroom inedite

New models

Scion Canada: A showroom inedite picture #1

Scion opens in Canada

New models

Scion Canada: A showroom inedite picture #2

SCION: Prices for 2011 models are unveiled

SCION Canada reinvents the environment of the showroom and creates a unique experience for a new generation of consumers

At its official launch in Canada at the end of the month, SCION will also introduce a new culture and a new philosophy for the purchase and ownership of a vehicle - including the reinvention of the concept of the showroom.

The two basic principles of the unique philosophy SCION consist constantly to offer buyers the opportunity to customize and create a welcoming and interactive in showrooms type "store within a store" Scion framework, which will open their doors By the end of the month in 45 institutions Toyota Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Three of these institutions, two in Toronto and one in Vancouver, will SCION shops.

"Each generation wants to discover its own brands, on its own terms," ​​stated Larry Hutchinson, Director of Scion in Canada. "New visitors to our showrooms SCION will we listen to customers this unique generation and we have taken into account their interests, their tastes and their experiences to create a framework that promotes the discovery and fills them desire for personalization. "

Visitors SCION dealers will realize quickly that they are not in a traditional room watch. In fact, even before entering a showroom SCION, many customers have already done their own research thanks to the interactive 3D tool "Configuration and Price" which is proposed on site. Upon arriving at the dealership, visitors will be welcomed by specialists SCION who stand at their entire disposal to help them configure and customize their vehicle SCION according to the specifications of their choice.

To simplify their experience, customers will be supported by a single point of contact in the building that accompany each step of the buying process - from their arrival in the shop, until their departure at the wheel a vehicle SCION.

Each institution will also be a team of PS3 console and the latest video games. Visitors are also invited to connect their iPod ® to listen to their music on the sound system of vehicles SCION.

In appreciation of their visit, guests will receive a free * samples SCION CD they can listen on their way home. CD available to guests include a collection of artists related to lifestyle SCION. And experience of property SCION does not stop when the customers leave the wheel of a new vehicle. In addition to a comprehensive maintenance program, owners will be invited regularly has events and forums sponsorship SCION across Canada.

* Until supplies last.

About Scion Canada

Launched in September 2010 SCION in Canada is the exclusive distributor of Scion vehicles through its network of sales and service 45 dealers in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Lifestyle SCION is urban, industry and authentic; the SCION vehicles maximize personal expression while delivering performance and style. To learn more about Scion products and Scion lifestyle, visit

Scion Canada: A showroom inedite picture #3

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