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Ford Explorer 2011: And voila!

The new Ford Explorer that was presented to us today is a vehicle that wants much more environmentally friendly than its predecessor. To do this, its frame is henceforth that of a car rather than that of a truck, its dimensions were slightly reduced and therefore its weight, while its new engines are going to astonish many.

In this chapter, the new base engine is a powerful four-cylinder turbocharged EcoBoost family of 2.0-liter and whose power is 237 hp. The 3.5-liter V6 engine develops 290 horsepower, an equivalent force than the old 4.6-liter V8, while offering a reduction of fuel consumption up to 20%, while the four-cylinder untap economy an estimated 30%.

To learn more, here is the press release issued by Ford Canada


Significant gains in fuel economy, technology and style mark the reinvention of the Ford Explorer SUV

• Ford reinvents the Explorer SUV Ford offering the best fuel economy of the category, an improved driving dynamics and terrain management system - all in a vehicle that has both modern and lighter.

• The regulator Explorer bar in matters of security, thanks to a range of airbags head of category, including all First inflatable rear seat belts, impact structure before Trinity, AdvanceTrac ® with Stability Control Roll and control of the speed curve.

• The Explorer also offers the MyFord Touch ™ connectivity technology and SYNC ®, the communications system and fully integrated entertainment, to maintain the look of the driver on the road and hands on the wheel. The Explorer offers more technology than its competitors in the category, even rivaling the content offered by the luxury SUV.

Ford Explorer - which redefines the SUV segment - has been completely redesigned to elevate customer expectations in matters of fuel economy, safety, technology, capability and quality.

According to Mark Fields, Ford president of the Americas: "The all-new Explorer will offer SUV buyers the attributes they really want and value and even some they have not even dream. Today, we are proud to present the new Explorer to customers and fans on a global scale and we are pleased to begin a whole new era that blends the fuel economy and superior performance of an SUV. "

The all-new Ford Explorer launched a Facebook page for friends of the vehicle as part of a unique social media application of its kind. This will be followed by events simultaneously launch in the United States and Canada.

Eclipse the performance and fuel economy from traditional SUV

According to Derrick Kuzak, general vice president of Global Product Development at Ford: "The new Explorer plays its role perfectly. It raises the bar in matters bearing and driving behavior and transforms the off-road experience. He is the undisputed winner in terms of capacity and ease of towing. All this capability - with three rows of seats - as well as outstanding fuel economy, the Ford Explorer will be the ideal choice for adventurous families. "

The 2011 Ford Explorer with the power of a V6 offers a planned fuel economy 20 percent higher than that of the model 2010, eclipsing expectations matter of fuel economy of traditional SUVs. When Team 4-cylinder engine in line 2 L EcoBoost available, the Explorer will improve its fuel economy at least 30 percent, surpassing that of the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander V6 2010.

Jim Holland, chief engineer of the brand, said that the team had two key objectives by developing the 2011 Ford Explorer:

"He must have a modern and contemporary look, both inside and outside, while being immediately recognizable as an Explorer. Next, the new Explorer needed to deliver fuel economy sought by customers today, with the performance, capability and empowerment they expect from an SUV. "

Motivated by its commitment to offer customers unsurpassed fuel economy of all new vehicles for Ford has tackled every detail to transform Explorer offering improved fuel economy tres:

o Dual independent Variable Valve Timing (Ti-VCT)

o The newest EcoBoost engine Ford

o 6-speed automatic Boxes

o electric power steering to considerably reduce parasitic power loss

o Transmission 4x4 Smart

o Air conditioner compressor has variable cylinder

o tires optimized to reduce rolling resistance

o advanced aerodynamics with front skirt harmonized and tailgate spoiler

Weight reduction is a key element enabling improve the fuel economy of the Explorer. While adding a lot of content to the vehicle, the engineers were able to reduce total vehicle weight by almost 100 pounds, thanks to the use of lighter materials such as an aluminum hood. The weight reduction of the Explorer is even more impressive given the fact that the latest versions of Honda Pilot and Toyota 4Runner have added weight compared to Previous Models.

Its EcoBoost inline 2L advanced engine available 4 delivers the power of a V6 normally aspires reduce the fuel economy of a four cylinder. For SUV buyers whose priority is fuel economy, this engine inline 4-cylinder turbocharged and air exchanger provides an estimated power of 237 hp at 5 500 r / min and a torque of 250 lb- ft. 1700 to 4 000 r / min. This engine uses direct fuel injection, dual variable distribution independent (Ti-VCT), the mechanical push a direct attack and 24 valves.

The powertrain of the Explorer series combines FWD V6 Ti-VCT 3.5-liter that develops estimated power to 290 hp and a torque of 255 lb-ft with. Ti-VCT technology provides individualized optimization of the opening and closing of the valves to improve the mechanical efficiency and power while reducing emissions at part load. Coupling has a 6-speed automatic transmission, this V6 has yet powerful, efficient and flexible, should provide an estimated fuel economy improvement of 20 percent compared to the old model Explorer V6.

The air conditioner compressor has variable cylinder Explorer offers advantages in fuel economy, thanks to a trainee reduced and a smoother transition, improving motor behavior.

All the engines are mated to a Explorer automatic transmission 6-speed specific, combining first lower gears for improved acceleration and more departing students reporting to improve the efficiency at low speed a cruise.

The Explorer V6 models are available with an intelligent 4x4 system that adds terrain management. According to the given situation, this advanced powertrain eliminates uncertainty in the choice of 4x4 modes.

The driver has to do is turn a knob on the console to choose the right adjustment between modes snow, sand, mud and normal. This system also includes a method of control downhill.

Both simpler and more convenient for SUV accustomed, this system will also increase the confidence of new drivers in this segment.

Contemporary design with attention to detail and silence head segment

In addition to its elegant design and modern both inside and outside, the Explorer will appeal to SUV, thanks to a versatile interior together and think well that is full of ingenious storage spaces. This new SUV offers more headroom and shoulder, three rows of seats and versatile space for all the paraphernalia required by family adventures.

The design of the Explorer, both inside and outside, has been realized with a quality of execution of world class. Adjustment ultra greenhouse panels is one indication of the very great attention to detail brings in all stages of production, including design, engineering and manufacturing.

The Chicago plant, which produces the Explorer, has raised the bar in matters of initial during recent launch of the Taurus quality, which is great news for customers.

According to Peter Bejin, supervisor of the quality of execution at Ford: "Producing a high quality vehicle is like preparing a gourmet meal. We start with high quality ingredients, execute it perfectly the recipe and finally the result is presented with flair and panache. "Silence - another important development of the new 2011 Ford Explorer - is also another indicator of quality for customers. 

Thanks to a technology called NoiseVision, the team was able to reduce noise and vibration in the new Explorer. A ball with hundreds of small cameras and small microphones NoiseVision allows engineers to locate and settle potential noise problems earlier in the development process. Level of silence and noise and vibration control, it is expected that the Explorer is superior to its rivals not only in its category, but also in the luxury SUV.

Explorer safety - strength, technology and innovation

The all-new Ford Explorer is the best safety ratings, thanks to a stiff body structure and a suite of features and technologies of active and passive safety in mind Class. It also offers another safety innovation: the First inflatable safety belts in the second row in the world.

The rear passengers - often children or more elderly - may be more vulnerable to head injuries, a chest and neck. The unique inflatable seat belts in rear Ford distribute impact forces over a five times greater than traditional belts surface while reducing pressure on the chest and helping to control the movement of the head and neck .

Comfort belts should also encourage their greater use. Studies show inflatable belts are more comfortable for passengers thanks to their padding.

Grace has a beam front bumper boron steel, hydroformed front rails and lateral tubes in high tensile steel, the rigid structure of the Explorer is designed to provide excellent protection to the occupants. In case of accident, these items come together to protect the driver and passengers inside a safety cage robust.

His series of safety features include:

o The AdvanceTrac with RSC provides control of the speed curve for braking - optimizes each individual wheel

o second generation air bags in the first row airbags and seat side

o minder Belt-Minder driver and front passenger ratings

o Sensor front passenger weight

o Tensioners has energy absorption for seat belts height adjustable at the front

o LATCH System (Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren) ensuring safe and proper installation of child safety seats

o System warning after impact

o System security pavilion with lateral curtain airbags

o System monitoring tire pressure

Its safety features available include:

o Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Warning with Brake Support

o Information System Blind Spot (BLIS ®) with Cross Traffic Alert

Enhanced capabilities

The 2010 Ford Explorer redefines customer expectations in matters of driving dynamics and comfort - on any road, anytime and anywhere - optimizing the capabilities of an SUV. Transform the quality of Conduct Explorer was important by creating an SUV for 21st century customers.

According to Carl Widmann, Head of Vehicle engineering: "We had three goals for the dynamics of the Explorer. We first had considerably improve its comfort, its capabilities and its driving dynamics on the road. Then there was the ability to maintain "on any road, anytime, anywhere" from the old model. Finally, it was necessary to apply technology in tow, since Explorer V6 models can tow up to 5,000 lbs. We believe customers will find the new generation Explorer has achieved these three objectives in the mile. "

The balance was the watchword in the development of the dynamics of brand-new Explorer. The team has sought to provide driving pleasure in harmony with applications optimized capabilities of the 4x4 transmission, in order to increase driver confidence.

The adoption of a unibody helped reduce the noise floor and reduce considerably the roll of the vehicle dynamic cornering situation. The independent front suspension arm has differentiated type with stabilizer bar 32 millimeters. The rear suspension is of type SR1, the designation comes from the report of Rear shock absorbers 1 to 1 that provides precise control of the bearing.

The electric power steering Explorer offers an assisted variable speed, the turn and the direction of the vehicle rate. In addition to optimized steering response, a greenhouse centering and an appropriate strength, the power steering ensures advantage of fuel economy compared with traditional hydraulic power steering. It offers a competitive turning radius that provides optimum maneuverability and increased assistance at low speeds for easy parking. It also allows the addition of the control of the speed curve, a new characteristic that determines if the driver initiates a turn too quickly and applies the brakes to stabilize the vehicle.

In addition, it allows the technology assets parking option. Once active, the system scans the floor to locate a suitable spot, calculates the trajectory and directs the vehicle. The driver continues to master the brakes and accelerator, but the system directs the vehicle throughout the maneuver parking.

Outstanding off-road performance on a variety of coatings

The new system of land management is responsible for the general capabilities of the 4x4 transmission Explorer. By replacing the traditional SUV transfer case, the new system eliminates uncertainty maximize 4x4 traction and capabilities it offers. Instead of using the settings high range, low range and automatic, the system of land management of the Explorer is adjustable depending on the situation. The four settings - available on - are normal, mud, sand and snow.

Each adjustment offers a particular motor behavior, the beginning of acceleration, the strategy of shifting and individual settings for traction control systems and stability control. Terrain management also includes control of descent which provides engine braking to increase driver confidence and vehicle control on steep slopes.

The Explorer V6 models can tow up to 5,000 lb loads. To facilitate connection - especially when alone - a reverse camera with zoom is available, allowing the driver to back the trailer with precision. The tow package includes the Explorer function to stabilize the trailer - a set shared with the Ford F-150 - to help minimize the rolling of the trailer. The wiring for the trailer brake controller is also included, as is the mode of traction. Pull mode intensifies the engine braking to help slow the vehicle and trailer on steep slopes.

Full range of features of convenience and connectivity

The all-new Ford Explorer is available in three versions: base, XLT and Limited. Each version offers a wide range of standard features with a variety of options for convenience and connectivity in mind Class. So buyers can customize their new Explorer according to their individual needs and desires.

Convenience features include:

o Technology MyFord connectivity with a screen 4.2-inch LED

o Cle programmable MyKey ™

o Cabin Air Filter

o Station pivot mediatic

o System capless fuel filler Easy FuelMC

o Cruise Control

o Electric Mirrors with pulse control driver side

o Electric Locks with security locking children in rear doors

o Adjustable steering column and telescopic

o Four taken 12 volts

o Hooks Lashing

The Explorer XLT also adds the following equipment:

o Automatic headlamps

o Automatic Transmission 6-speed SelectShiftMC

o Mirrors Heated exterior with integrated LED turn signals and a security approach lamps Security

o Keypad Keyless entry SecuriCodeTM

o Reverse Sensing

o Burglar Alarm Perimeter detection has

The Explorer Limited also adds the following equipment:

o Mirrors electrically heated folding side with driver memory

o Ambient Lighting

o adjustable pedals with memory

o Holding net

o Electronic temperature control two zones

o Electric adjustable driver seat with 10-way lumbar support and backrest angle adjustment has electric

o Mirror has electrochromic

o Reversing Camera

o Remote Starter

o Socket 110 volts

o Technology connectivity MyFord Touch

o Intelligent Access with Push Button Start

o door opener opener

Mr Holland added: "We spend a lot of time listening to our customers and understand their needs in order to offer an SUV that reinvigorates the Explorer brand, while holding the Ford promise to offer high quality vehicles, energy efficient and high-tech, with safety in mind the industry. The all-new Explorer will change the perception of the market at the SUV style, fuel economy, technology and conviviality. "

The 2011 Ford Explorer will be built at the assembly plant Ford Chicago. Production will commence at the end of year and will be in showrooms this winter.

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