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2011 Chevrolet Volt: A Journey 2 800 km

Extends the first Chevrolet Volt diffusion and announces its production targets in the U.S.

    * Other steps for launch: Texas, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

    * Annual production planned for 2011: 10,000 Chevrolet Volt

    * The Volt carries the "Freedom Drive", a journey of 2,860 km

Last week, Ed Whitacre, Chairman and CEO of General Motors, announced that the company would add more steps to the initial launch of the Chevrolet Volt, to respond to the rise in popularity all over the United States by the new electric car manufacturer.

Ed Whitacre confirmed that the Volt would be available at the beginning of seven steps in the United States. Of this year, so the marketing will begin in California, Washington, Austin (Texas) and in the city of New York. Then the Chevrolet Volt will be proposed concessions in Michigan, New Jersey, Connecticut and the rest of Texas and the state of New York in the first quarter of 2011.

"We can add markets as different as Texas and New York because the Chevrolet Volt can accommodate both small urban routes as longer trips, resist heat Austin or Manhattan winters," said noted Ed Whitacre. "The Volt can be your primary car. It gives you the freedom to ride without a drop of fuel, without the stress of having to predict each displacement depending on the charge level of the battery. "

GM announced its willingness to produce 10,000 Chevrolet Volt for the end of 2011 and 30,000 Chevrolet Volt during the year 2012 in the GM Detroit-Hamtramck Michigan facilities. The Volt will be available in all 50 states of the United States 12 to 18 months after the beginning of the launch. Chevrolet will have a specialized network maintenance for the Chevrolet Volt covering the entire North American territory in 12 to 18 months after the beginning of the marketing.

To celebrate the new markets or will launch the Volt, the car begins a 2,860 km route referred to as the "Freedom Drive" departing Austin on July 1. She stopped at Little Rock (Arkansas), Nashville (Tennessee), Washington and Philadelphia before joining New York City on July 4, just in time for the celebrations of the declaration of independence of the United States. The "Freedom Drive" showed all the interest of the Volt can travel about 60 kilometers a pure electricity, while also having a range of over 500 kilometers, with a car that was still running the electricity regardless of the circumstances or speed.

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