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The Chevrolet Volt was launched in California and Michigan in 2010.

- From concept to reality in three years

- Montee in power plants and batteries for the U.S. launch

- The production of the Volt for Europe will begin in 2011 for the centenary

Three years after having presented the first prototype of the electric car Volt autonomy prolonged the Detroit Auto Show, Chevrolet recently announced that the Volt was launched in California and Michigan in late 2010. Such test launches of the Volt steps play a role essential to make sure everything is ready for marketing to the general public electric cars.

The electrification of the automobile on a large scale will require to have a well developed infrastructure. That's why Chevrolet is combined with American public and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) as part of a demonstration program and extensive research in real conditions. It will help to advance the electrification of the automobile and to determine the schemas charging cars, and so prepare the way for consumers.

The Volt differs from other systems or hybrid electric propulsion currently available on the market. The Volt can travel up to 60 kilometers on pure electricity (in MVEG cycle) stored in its lithium-ion battery of 16 kWh. When the battery energy is depleted, a generator produces electricity loads to power the electric drive unit while simultaneously ensuring the battery. This extends the range of the Volt has more than 500 kilometers and is a real alternative for the person currently driving a petrol or diesel car. To recharge, the Volt can be plugged into any socket 230 V.

The Volt production for the U.S. market will start late 2010 in Hamtramck GM plant in Detroit, Michigan. All MADE BY GM Volt for Michigan investment amounts to 700 million, spread over eight facilities. Detroit-Hamtramck will be the final assembly location for the Volt. It will also benefit the tooling from Grand Blanc and receive its lithium-ion batteries from the factory GM Brownstown Battery, its camshafts and connecting rods from Bay City and stamped or engine-generator 1.4 liter Flint. Battery production has Brownstown Township has already begun in January this year.

"We are very pleased with the way things are going on right now in the United States," assured Wayne Brannon, president and general director of Chevrolet Europe. "The information and the lessons we will remove intrigues woven actions and partnerships in California will be the first importance to us. They allow us to better plan the launch and distribution of the Chevrolet Volt in Europe. "

2011 marks the centenary of the Chevrolet brand. November 3, 1911, the Chevrolet Motor Car Company was founded firm by Swiss engineer Louis Chevrolet and American entrepreneur Billy Durant. Chevrolet Europe plans to celebrate the centenary of the beginning of the production of the Chevrolet Volt for Europe.

"I'm sure Louis Chevrolet, large self engineer, would be very proud to know that a car like the Volt bears his name. The Volt marks the arrival of a new breed of electric cars, and represents an important step towards the electrification of the automobile of tomorrow. In 2011, when we celebrate our 100 years of passion for the automobile, we have already in the crosshairs Volt, which will dangle an exciting new Chevrolet Centennial, "said Wayne Brannon prognosis.

The Chevrolet Volt was launched in California and Michigan in 2010. picture #1

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